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Are there security issues with new US passports?

Asked by PandoraBoxx (18016points) June 20th, 2009

The newer US passports have an RFID chip in them that contains all of your personal identity information. Is there any sort of security risk that one should be aware of when traveling abroad? Can this information be hacked into?

Before the passorts were actually issued, there were concerns about individuals with the right software being able to read the information on the passports by using a nearby laptop. Is this true, or an urban legend? Does a passport require a metal lined case to deter this?

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There are security issues with all chips that contain personal information, but I don’t think you need to take any additional precautions with your new passport than you would have with your old one. Only give it to people working in customs or official security checkpoints, and obviously, don’t lose it. You’ll have bigger problems than possible identity theft if you manage to lose your passport in the right country!

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