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You've witnessed an explosion. The local news wants to interview you on the scene. Do you talk to them?

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If they could keep up with me while I’m running away screaming!!!

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Unless you had some very good reason for not wanting your face to be seen on television I see no reason why not. Of course you are on the FBI’s most wanted list then probably not a good idea.

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No. I really have no desire to be on TV. It will be very easy to find someone who does.

I’d probably say something stupid anyway.

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Absolutely. Explosions are awesome, and I’d like to relay to the world just how awesome they are.

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Sure. Why not? But I really doubt they’d want to talk to a 14 year old about an explosion…

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Well shoot darn-digitty yeah! I’m from Arkansas and everyone knows there’s nothing more than us Arkansas like more then getting on tv. We get on there and talk about how “we seen dem a-lens take our cows up in dat space ship” and how “we knew dat guy runnin frum the po-lice when he was jus a yung whipper-snapper”. Might as well get on tv and add “did you jus see dat s’plosion over yonder? I done dat all by my self wit da help of my 12 year old cousin dat ima get hitched to nex week so long as she stays way from dat broother a hers”.

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No human way . . .

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I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to talk to them, I’d be too scared or suffering from shock. I doubt I could really form a sentence. They would pass on trying to interview me.

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Nope… that would make me a suspect.

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I’ve never been in front of a news camera before so the idea is somewhat intriguing. If I’d witnessed something significant about the explosion and I wasn’t feeling any type of ‘stage fright’ (for lack of a better term), I might just attempt to get my 15 seconds of fame.

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Sure. Why not?

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@lan – could you be my spokesperson? I’d um and ah my way through and they would be very scared!

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Anytime, cak. Though I’m sure you’re underestimating yourself! :)

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ummm….nope! :)

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Yes, if I thought I could add any information or perspective to what they already had. They won’t use all their footage anyway. But all other things being equal, I’d rather talk to a print reporter than a camera and microphone.

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I’m with Jeruba. Recently, I saw a kid on a school campus carrying a handgun. I immediately told a policeman, and gave him a description. The next day in the paper, it said they found 2 guns when alerted by an anonymous passerby. I was thrilled! It was so much better than being identified, or having your face on TV.

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@filmfann Better in your case not to be identified so the kid’s friends or relatives can’t come shoot you for telling on the kid.

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@filmfann Good job! Reporting that may have saved some lives.

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No way, as I swear a bit when I get excited. The interview would go like this: Well bleep, there was this big bleeping noise and I damn near bleep my pants. Then I bleeping looked over at the bleep building, and there was this bleep bleep bleep fire bleep ball as bleep high as bleep. Holy bleep mother of bleep bleep bleep, I couldn’t bleep believe my bleep bleepity bleep bleep eyes. And then bleep… Well, you get the picture. Go interview someone else, you dirty bleeping bleep!

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@evelyns_pet_zebra Kinda like Happy in this video?

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Sure as long as I wasn’t in a place I wasn’t supposed to be at the time.

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Probably yes, depends on the explosion, any possible victims, my mood, my plans for the day etc

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I’d probably be too startled to give a proper interview. I’d try but I’m not good at that sort of thing.

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@Randy, who do you think Adam Sandler followed around, studied, and used as his research for that character, hmmm? and I don’t even play golf.

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It would seriously depend on the interviewer and their purpose. Fox news, heck no! (for example). Also I prefer to have my thoughts put together and do not have any desire to be on Television. I think I would do it only if I thought it’d be truly helpful somehow.

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my interview would never go as well as this, so why try?

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Probably not. Unless i was being a total ass. “And then it was all like kapashhhhhhhhhhhhhh” <makes explody motion with hands>

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How do I nominate @evelyns_pet_zebra for one of the funniest answers this year for this thread?

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