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Gentlemen, in your honest opinion, what is the measure of a man? Ladies, in your honest opinion, what is the measure of a woman?

Asked by Bluefreedom (22931points) June 20th, 2009

In your own words, boys and girls, what distinctive characteristics or traits or behaviors might be significant in describing just what seperates both sexes so distinctly? Or what might we have in common that both sexes share equally? Or are we diametrically opposed on just a few or even many things possibly?

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It has to be the way they dress. Did I get it right?

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I’m a woman with a total man brain. Does that disqualify me from answering this question?

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@juwhite1 I’m a woman with a total man brain. Does that disqualify me from answering this question?

Depends. Has the guy noticed his brain missing yet?

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a lot of guys would say sense of humor, but i’m definitely going to go with breast size.~

personality, sense of humor, fashion sense.

then tits

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Nay… I gave him mine.

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@eponymoushipster ut i’m definitely going to go with breast size

Would that be the man or the woman that you are referring to?

(I saw that Seinfeld episode.)

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So far, it’s all pretty damn funny. I’ll say that….

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I’m now thinking about man boobs… please get that back out of my head!

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@DarkScribe what Seinfeld episode?

it would be the man in reference to the woman. bitch tits just aren’t a turn-on.

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@eponymoushipster what Seinfeld episode?

The one where his father invented the man bra.

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@DarkScribe some guys would never notice.

Like the judge said about porn, I can’t explain what it is about a woman that makes her measure up, but I know it when I see it. I know I do like a woman that thinks like a man. The other way around is a little odd, though.

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A woman is a lady that can start a fire, feed her children, change a tire and give her man a blow job.

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I can change a tire, the oil in my car, weld and primitive camp. I know how to live on a very tight budget and still cover all the bases. A woman…a lady, doesn’t need to rely on a man in her life, but understands the value one may have in her life, if it’s a healthy relationship, not co-dependent, not dependent. A woman, doesn’t wait for the man to show that he can provide, she shows that she can be an equal. She knows the value of a relationship that compliments each other – where one is weak, the other is strong. A lady knows how to work with her spouse, not against.

A woman, a lady knows how to take care of all these things and like jonsblond said, can take care of other needs, too.

A lady, (a woman), like my Aunt (now passed away), can be a higher up in a corporation – wear designer clothes during the day and come home, put on jeans with holes in them and help re-roof a house. Then tuck her children into bed.

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@cak I think I just fell in love with you!

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@loser (blush!)

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Man: Stereotypically the person who is the backbone of the family unit.

Woman: Stereotypically the “more dependent” of the sexes.

But those are already changing in today’s modern society, so I’ll go with this…

Man: Generally, we aren’t supposed to show as much emotion as women (and are hence seen to be the more ‘logical’ of the sexes). We don’t giggle and flail our hands and arms about, preferring to show actions in a strong fashion (eg performing an action with one’s whole arm rather than just a hand [and therefore doing the ‘limp wrist’]).

We’re also supposedly dirtier than women (I mean it in the mental sense, although I suppose physically the sentence could also work).

Oh, and we’re ruled by our penises more than by our heads (perhaps the only one case in which our emotions can overrule us).

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Everything is different. We can both do many of the same things, but there are different chemicals running through our brains.

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@cak. That’s a wonderful answer. I’m proud to call you a friend and be in your valued company as a fellow Jelly. =)

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@Saturated_Brain Oh, and I forgot to add… Everything I said is of course, a gross generalisation. Variations on the theme of Masculinity (and Femininity) are very much part of the larger Symphony of Humanity.

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::waits for Simone::

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If you take out the extremes in both sexes, meaning the testosterone driven man’s man and the estrogen soaked girly girl, most fall in the middle somewhere and there are more similarities than differences. Even though those who profit from perpetuating the differences, such as the fashion industry, cosmetics, etc., do their best to make the gulf wider than I think it would be if left alone.

All humans want to be treated with respect and dignity.

And yep @cak took care of all the details from the female perspective, well said!

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female too!

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@jonsblond I think you had a great answer…that’s why I lurved you! :) I still do lurve you!

@Bluefreedom and @rooeytoo thank you

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@cak, your wit, wisdom, and well thought out answers, as well as your clever humor, make belonging to Fluther one of the best things in life. Loser hit the nail right on the head, I think I just fell in love with you as well. Three cheers and cold beer for @cak.

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In the area where things are really measurable, character, integrity, intelligence, personality, there are no differences. The differences are in areas that are far less important.

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Men love to memorize numbers and outperform women at it. Men also outperform women on spatial tasks. On average that is of course.

Women outperform men at spotting altered or out-of-place objects. Women also outperform men at learning foreign languages. Again, on average.

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For both men and women, I find it most attractive when I see they can walk their talk. Good intent only goes so far and talk is cheap. I find confidence sexy be it quiet or assertive, it permeates everything about that person- their physical carriage, voice, eye contact, dress and usually coincides with treating other people well.

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A man is honest and forthright. A man does not hide—not his emotions, not his beliefs, nor his loves or his personality. He stands up for the people he loves, using intelligence, words, and strength. He respects others, no matter how he judges them. He responds to others with respect, but marshals all his wits and strength and humor to counteract those who disrespect him. He honors the strength in others and does not make fun of their weaknesses.

A man does not have to be physically strong. He is emotionally strong, having the strength to admit when he is weak and needs help. He is always looking for opportunities to build his community, and to help others as best he can.

A man can cry. A man can love other men. A man can be physically weak or strong. A man does the best he can. When he cares; when he contributes; when he respects; he is a man by any measure. And in my mind, the measure of a man is also the measure of a woman.

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…and that man is Chuck Norris.

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@daloon – wow, lurve to you and thank you for an excellent and insightful response. I was thinking it as I read it and then you finally said it in the last line. Cheers & bravo!

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