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What kind of pet do you have?

Asked by gooch (5734points) December 31st, 2007

Dog – Welsh Terrier

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Winston McAllister is my 2 year old dog he is a Welsh Terrier

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Dog-10 year old male Lab Mix (Lab/German Shepherd)


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2 year old golden retrienver

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Name: Icarus
Breed: Turkish Angora
Age: 3 years old in March
Weight: 15 lbs.
Details: Adopted from the SPCA, best pet I’ve ever had.

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jack Russell
Part of the family

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We have two dogs we adopted from Rocket Dog Rescue in San Francisco, CA, two cats we adopted from shelters, and a tortoise that lives in our upstairs bathroom (now a tortoise habitat). My wife is a wildlife rehabilitator (that’s how we ended up with the tortoise—it couldn’t be released) so we often have other animals on the premises like birds. Right now we have two baby jackrabbits in the garage which has been converted into a foster-care ward.

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5 dogs, 1 Iguana, 2 rabbits, 2 gerbils, two Koi fish, 2 ferrets and 2 birds

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I have fish.

1 feather fin catfish, 1 golden dojo, 1 algae eater, and 2 dwarf puffers (my favorite)

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2 little yappy poodles; and my brother recently bought a fish for his college dormroom forgetting he was leaving for December vacation, so we have a fish now.

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1 border collie
3 cats
2 birds (umbrella cockatoo, congo african grey)
35 gal fish tank
1 betta

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4 Dobermans
1 Chihuahua
1 Pomeranian
2 Horses
1 Cat

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I got rid of my old tank. I now have a 55g with a frogfish who loves to eat anything that moves and will fit in his mouth and a 40g tank with a Peacock mantis shrimp

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I have a catfish and 2 goldfish, and a rambunctious orange tabby. I think I’m a sucker of marketing tactics however, because now I want one of those Westies in the Cesar dogfood ads… although I don’t know that I’d actually buy Cesar dogfood—so I’m not sure the ads worked in the intended manner.

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I just got a mudskipper its a amphibious fish ^_^

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2 cats one siamiese mix and one tabby!

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