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How do i turn off vm on my Blackberry Bold?

Asked by marcosthecuban (429points) June 21st, 2009

i would like to never get any vm’s on my blackberry bold- don’t even want vm to pick up. have tried all the settngs i could find on the phone and have talked to at&t repeatedly but no luck. can you help?

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AT&T should be able to turn off your VM. Sprint did that for me.

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Voice mail is nothing to do with the phone, it is entirely the carrier. The phone is only used to send commands for voice mail settings. You should be able to change the setting for the voice mail number in the phone/options menu. Reset it to another number – maybe your house phone. I have an answering machine on our house phone redirect unanswered and missed calls there.

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I would watch out for AT&T. You don’t know what it’s capable of…

I would call the phone company. It’s on their end of the line.

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When checking your voice mail there is usually options in the settings (i.e. press 9 for options). You can turn off the indicator and change the number of rings that it takes before voice mail kicks in. It’s not ON the phone, it’s when you check your voice mail. I’m not sure there is an option to turn it off completely—but carriers do differ.

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