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Who was the best James Bond?

Asked by filmfann (50203points) June 21st, 2009

There is Sean Connery , George Lazenby , Roger Moore , Timothy Dalton , Pierce Brosnan , or Daniel Craig ? Please, no bloody David Niven, Woody Allen, Peter Sellers, Barry Nelson, etc.

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Sean Connery, duh.

EDIT: Daniel Craig is a close second. The rest are much too effeminate.

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I was so going to say David Niven! Casino Royale was the best bond movie ever! But since I can’t pick him I’ll go with Sean Connery.

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Sean Connery was my favorite.

I liked Roger Moore, but he was too effete. Danial Craig is too brutish. George Lazenby was was to non-personality. Pierce Brosnan was too plastic to be Bond.

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Sean hands down. Sexiest man alive.

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Daniel Craig as he is the closest to the Bond in Fleming’s books.

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Yup, Sean or Daniel. Bond’s a cruel guy, and they each show that cruelty underneath the derring-do and suavity.

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Sean, Sean, Sean. I cherish a secret weakness for him in the same way that I harbor a helpless love of cheap chocolate. Unlike cheap chocolate, he just gets better with age.

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Sean Connery, definitely.

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What, nobody likes Timothy Dalton?

Haha, no thank you Tim. Who invited him to be a Bond in the first place?

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hands down sexy suave sean connery!

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Yep I agree Sean Connery. I remember back in the 60’s, sitting in the balcony of that theatre right around the corner from the White House and swooning over him. And, oh my goodness, being brave enough to buy a copy of Playboy to read the next novel before it was published in book form. That was a very risque and daring thing for a woman to do !

James is such a sexist pig though and I read somewhere that he is like that in real life as well. He thinks his women need a bit of slapping around now and again to keep them in line.

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@rooeytoo, who is like that in real life? James Bond?

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Sean, followed by Daniel Craig. Sean is the standard and no one can match it, but Daniel Craig as a younger James Bond is just about perfect. Great for infusing the old stories with a modern flair, too. Though I love Pierce Brosnan (see The Matador, really!) he was never James Bond to me.

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“Shaken not stirred.” Who but Sean could utter such a cool line and not sound corny?

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@Jeruba – no Sean, James is a fictional sort of guy isn’t he?? Sean was knighted a while back and there was much written about him and his life and women.

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C’mon. You can’t be serious with this question Of course it’s the man who defined the role, Indiana Jone’s pop, Sean-boy.

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@Jeruba – ohhhhhhh I get it, (it’s early here, I’m a little slow) I think you were having at me because of the structure of my comment which was confusing.

I have heard people say they shouldn’t email or text while under the influence, I shall refrain, henceforth, until I am fully awake. Not that it will help much!!!

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Sean Connery, every time. He invented the part.

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Brosnan is the prettiest.

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@Lightlyseared Actually, Craig is nothing like the written Bond. The closest was Roger Moore, who was a bit of a fop.
Nearly 100% behind Connery. Daniel Craig has been highly touted, but IMHO can’t touch Sean. I am surprised nearly everyone feels that way. Lurve all around.

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Sean Connery has the chest hair to be Bond.

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Here you can see all six side by side.

I don’t like Daniel Craig, with his perpetually pursed lips. (That image was actually in the top row of hits when I put “pursed lips” into Google!) Sean Connery’s sparkle makes the rest look like old shoes.

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@Jeruba hehe, pursed lips. He kinda looks like a cartoon character.

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Thats weird. I checked to see if my question had been asked before, and it didn’t show me that result. Sorry.

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@filmfann, don’t feel bad. I’m not having much better success with the search function myself than I would expect from a random results generator.

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“Thats weird. I checked to see if my question had been asked before, and it didn’t show me that result. Sorry.”

@filmfann – congrats on being brave. I am hesitant to even ask any questions because someone always says look here———, it was asked before.

I do check the archives but must not pose the query properly because I don’t find anything. Oh well, can’t win em all!

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It’s good to ask questions again after a time so new members can see. Mine was over a year ago… and my quip posted merely for your info since you asked. Not an attempt to correct your behavior.

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Sean Connery!

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Connery… his new incredible women… his new incredible enemies… his new incredible adventures… From Russia With Love.

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Daniel Craig.

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Sean Connery may be the original but never have I used something’s placement in time as the deciding factor in my preference. Honestly? Connery was good, but his films seem just like any other action flicks. I like Craig the most because he has it all. Bond kills people, I can’t take Connery serious in that aspect. He doesn’t look like a killer at all, and in fact, Daniel is the only Bond who at all looks capable of ending human lives. He is the most believable, the most bold.

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Craig is also the one that makes the viewer muse that the original of James Bond – if there was such – was a psychopath. Give me Sean Connery every time. I like my fantasies undiluted by any touch of realism.

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Sean Connery is my favourite. I liked Pierce though and Craig has done well… his pout irritates me though.

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Some while back I’d have just said Connery, followed at a distance by Brosnan.
But Daniel Craig puts an edge into it that the other two allude to at their best.
Tension, emotion, taut execution, animal fear mastered by hair-trigger training, just inside the line from crazed.

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Connery, hands down. And now I’ll have a Martini. Shaken, not stirred.

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I think Sean Connery was best of all.

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