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What are you doing to honor the great men who raised us on this Father's Day?

Asked by SeventhSense (18904points) June 21st, 2009

My Dad has passed but I’m off to a barbeque for the father’s in my family, but thought I’d raise a glass for the occasion and for the oft overlooked other half of the family unit.

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I am giving my husband a Father’s Day Card and taking him to the movies (and probably some food). Not sure which movie quite yet. Unfortunately he had to work half the day so I’m waiting patiently for him to get home. It is a bittersweet day for us as our son is not with us/has passed. I want to make sure that he gets recognized as many people forget us on these days.

I think your idea to honor your Father is beautiful!

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My dad has passed also, but I stopped to remember him earlier today and called my mom to share a couple stories with her that mean a lot to me. Two of my brothers are fathers and I have talked to them today to tell them that I think they are great dads.

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I gave my dad a card that insulted his loss of hair in a comical way, a wet/ dry vaccuum, andddd a hug and a kiss.

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I called my Dad and told him I love him. He had to work today, but he is coming over afterwards to spend some time with me and my family. My husband had to work. My daughter and I got him a card and a shirt he loves. We are also making him an awesome dinner. Check this out: pate’, filet mignons with steamed veggies, double white chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake and fresh berries all made from scratch by my daughter and me! He deserves the best because he is the best! Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads out there!

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My kids gave my husband silly cards and we took him out to lunch at his favorite restaurant. Later today I’ll call my dad when he isn’t napping.

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My dad and I are in different countries right now, but I called him and talked to him for a long time. I cried afterwards because I didn’t get to see him before I left the US, so I haven’t seen him in 3 weeks, and I won’t see him again for 2 months or more.

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@mzgator What is double white chocolatate ice cream and, more important, where do I get some? It sounds heavenly.

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I gave my father a card, and my husband (aka baby daddy) a card and balloon (our son claimed it as his though)
Yesterday, we went to Color Me Mine, and painted a race car (my son picked it out) It’s a mix of blue and red, so assume it will come out as an entire purple racecar. My son painted it. It will be ready in a week, and we’ll give it to my husband then. (I didn’t know it’d take that long for it to finish in the kiln!)
We also painted pictures today, but my son went crazy with the purple so I’m not sure if we should give it to my husband or not.
I should do something more for my father, but I’m not sure what. I’m pretty sure my husband will cook dinner tonight (he does most nights) so that’s nothing special.
Is a movie gift card too impersonal?

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i don’t speak to my dad :(

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I made a breakfast of eggs over easy and hash browns for my husband. Then we took a nice long shower together. :)

My mother and father are coming over for dinner. I just finished the potato salad that we are having with a ham roast and I have lemon bars in the oven (my dads favorite). Taking a break now before I’m off to make a card for my dad. He appreciates homemade cards over Hallmark.

I love the men in my life!

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For my husband, my children made him a present – a turtle and then painted it. (out of clay) He loved it, he collects turtles. I gave him a book (out of print) that he’s been wanting, I finally found a copy of it…I searched forever! I made him his favorite dinner (orzo, spinach and shrimp) and my daughter made a pie. He recently got a big item, on his own, it was agreed that it was his early Father’s Day Present – so wedid things on a smaller scale.

For my dad, we had a beer and brat – in honor of him. I left him a note under his urn. We talked about him, acknowledged him and admitted that life isn’t the same without him. We also thanked him for being a wonderful man and sharing so many great moments with us. We all miss him, but are so grateful for the time we did have with him.

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Double white icecream had twice the amount of white chocolate and more heavy cream and eggs than regular milk. It is very creamy and has a heavy flavor of white chocolate. It’s heavenly!

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Took Dad and Mom to a Father’s Day breakfast at the golf course clubhouse. Made date nut squares for him.

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Thanks for all the wonderful responses. Lurve for all. Brought over some Porterhouse steaks, corn on the cob, and asparagus to my brothers and we had a feast. He has a beautiful baby boy and girl(sorry can’t find the picture). My younger brother wasn’t around but he was in my thoughts, as well as a toast to my deceased father and stepfather. No kids of my own, but I often think there’s a little boy in my future. Well, who knows. The one great thing about being a man is that it’s never too late.
Tony Randall had a kid at 77 and 78!

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We finished off the day by fixing one of my husband’s favorite dinners, a form of surf n’ turf. We had baked salmon, grilled rib eye steak, jasmine rice, sliced tomatoes, and calabaza. He has now gone off to watch TV with his eyes closed.

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@SeventhSense he’s adorable!

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Thank you. He is a cutie and very sweet. He just pushes balls around the house all day and follows his older sister like a puppy.

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I still miss my Dad after all these years. Hubby and I bought a present for the “new” Dad in our family, or son – his second boy was born a month ago.

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Father’s Day here in Australia is not until September so I still have a little bit of time to plan something for him.

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Well it is painful when someone you know dies. Especially if it’s a loved one or relative. I feel the best way to honor that person is not by parties, or get togethers. It’s by doing sumthing that you know is right and following in a way the persons footsteps. My father likes fishing so much. I don’t really, fear of open water. But when he goes, I would conquer my fear and take my kid fishing. It would be worth remembering all the fond memories I would’ve had with my old man. It would also be nice to pass that on. Like a legacy.

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