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How come Lois Lane doesn't know that Clark is Superman when all that is different is that he wears glasses?

Asked by ubersiren (15208points) June 21st, 2009

My husband wants to know this.

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Because it’s a comic book. The fact that it features an alien who was sent to this planet, where a yellow sun makes him able to fly and see through walls and shoot laser beams from his eyes doesn’t bother him, but a dimwitted reporter not seeing through a terrible disguise does?

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If you actually want an in-story answer, it’s because he acts like two different people. Clark acts bumbling and clueless and naïve, and stereotypically mid-western hick-ish, whereas Superman is heroic and confident and sure of himself. It never enters her mind to wonder if they might be the same person because they seem like such completely different people.

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Everyone knows her gaydar is way off, that’s why.

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She’s stupid?

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She is actually a blonde, she dyed her hair to get the job. Now I hope that my two and a half blonde daughters don’t read this. (Two are natural, one has some bottled assistance.)

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@eponymoushipster So what if he did some experimenting back in smallville! He’s totally straight now damnit!!!..... lol

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Because when Superman is in his red and blue super hero costume, she can’t keep her eyes off his package. I thought that was obvious.

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@westy81585 everyone knows that’s the real reason he and lex didn’t get along…that one night behind Pa Kent’s barn…

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It’s not just the glasses, he has the whole nerd ensemble. And everybody hates nerds.

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Because she’s a woman, therefore, obviously incapable of being able to tell that they’re actually the same guy.~

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@essieness : I know. Women are so stupid. They’re so emotional and irrational. :)

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maybe she’s just a real slut and has a type. she figured, “hell, two-fer”.

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Some people look really different when they wear glasses.

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The really question is why EVERYBODY, not just the girl doesn’t see that?
or Why he use the Clark Kent Identity

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I’ve always wondered the same thing!

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Maybe since he has A GAZILLION other powers, he has the power of camouflage and just looks the same to us.

Seriously, can that guy any more of a wimp since he can do everything and still gets his the snot beat out of him all the time?

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@Randy he’s a power bottom, that’s why.

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Or, maybe Lois is too enraptured with his bulge to notice anything else. I mean really…

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@essieness good point…happens to me all the time.

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@Randy: Youre not far off.

About ten years ago, DC Comics floated the idea that the reason was because Superman vibrated in such a way as to appear a little blurry to anyone who sees him.

This explanation didn’t last long. The current reasoning is what @MrItty said in his second post.

OK, comics geek leaving now

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@cprevite i just read Lois Lane, vibrator and Superman. sounds completely reasonable.

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@eponymoushipster: well it certainly added to his appeal.

No batteries needed – Powered by the sun.

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@cprevite “your yellow sun powers this 11” krypton dildo. congrats! btw, sorry it’s a giant jagged rock.”

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I thought she did know but just pretended not to so as not to spoil the story!

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Clark turned out to be Superman?? I didn’t see THAT coming!

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Huh. I thought he was Peter Parker in disguise.

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She really isn’t very bright.

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@Jeruba She won a Pulitzer jajaja

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Because Lois is the one who needs glasses.

Here is another mystery to ponder.

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I think it is so it is easy for the audience to know (specialy the younger audiences) that he is just the same guy in disguise. If you watched Pokémon you probably know what I mean. (Team Rockets disguises)

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@AstroChuck did you ever see Mallrats?

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@filmfann- No. You’re not the first person to have asked me that.

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The previous question was posted 8 months ago, so I thought I would ask if you had seen it since then.
It is actually a cute little movie.

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A friend once told me that superman uses some sort of unconscious hypnosis, although it seems a little weird if you ask me

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She did know who he really was , she worked it out during the original films .
Then in Superman the television series, the Dean Kain actor who played Superman did some weird and she forgot .
Now he will have to inform her in the next film who he really is , since they have a child together . Lois is rather bright to have worked out who he was if you take how stupid her character is .

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Because it’s very much convenient for the plot :)

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ok, Superman is an alien that just happens to look exactly like a human who’s super strong, has x ray vision, gale force breath, and can fly… do you really think the creators of superman were at all concerned with Louis Lane’s ability to find resemblances?

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Clark Kent acts completely different from his alter-ego Superman. But Lois is also blinded because she is completely in love with Superman and everything he represents. So in love, that she can’t see past the bumbling personality of Clark Kent.

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oh good, another chick hung up on looks.

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Because it “adds verisimilitude to an otherwise bald and unconvincing narrative”.

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We never see what we don’t want to see, even if it’s right in front of us. She doesn’t want the bumbling farm boy to be The Man of Steel.

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Because superman is poorly thought out and everyone living in Metropolis has an IQ under 100.

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I’ll bet ubersuperman would take issue with that.

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reason #1 why superman pisses me off.
the guy runs down the street, takes his glasses off, and changes his clothes, and everyone’s like “OMG whoda fck is that?!”. i just want to slap them all.

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You’ll never go broke underestimating the taste of the American public. Same goes for intelligence.Although, I still believe Siegel and Shuster gave the public what they needed way back when.

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C’mon, @tiffyandthewall – never heard of the suspension of disbelief (English Lit 101)?

One of the joys of my youth was reading the comic strip, beginning with Blondie, then moving on to Superman, The Phantom, L’il Abner, and others. There would be fights over the comic supplement on Sundays. With national consciousness came a drastic change in taste – does anybody remember the Ghost Who Walks (The Phantom?).

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the magic of fictional stories!

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Of course I remember the Phantom, but does anyone here remember Terry and the Pirates?

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I guess not.

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@Darwin – I have heard of Terry and the Pirates, but never read it because it was never published in Trinidad. But I do remember the cartoons in The Boys Own Paper – it was a British magazine that closed down in the sixties. We had a bound set, and read it to rags.

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@bea2345 – My father, having been raised in a British school in South America, made sure we saw a few copies of The Boys Own Annual (that’s what the bound volumes were called). A relatively recent book is somewhat like The Boys Own, this being The Dangerous Book for Boys. You might pick up a copy just so you can reminisce.

Note: For two years my Dad had to spend a moderate amount of time in Trinidad due to business. He worked at the time for Shell de Venezuela.

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Perhaps posture, hygiene, and body language play some part in the disguise. Have to admit though, there was no reason Lois couldn’t have connected the dots. It’s just glasses. And people can believe in a lot of illogical ideas given the proper motivation…
Whether it be Superman disguising as Clark or Clark disguising as Superman is another question.

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