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Who pays your credit card dept when you die?

Asked by skar138 (154points) December 31st, 2007
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i think it depends on whether or not you have living family members. if not, then I guess “it just don’t get paid!”

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When you die if you own something like a house the credit card companies will try to collect, also includes unpaid income from work. All your creditors stand in line.

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When my hubby died all we had to do is call them. Some may want a death certificate. They forgave the bill; however, these were in his name only. Same with his school bill. The only one that family
can’t get out of is medical bills. So have insurance, insurance, insurance.

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Generally, the debt owed to the credit card company is now owed by the decedent’‘s estate and the debt is not forgiven, however some credit card agreements automatically include life insurance that will be used to pay off the credit card debt. If the estate of the decedent has no assets, then the credit card company is going to get stuck for the debt.

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It depends where you live different laws in different places. Where I live your spouse must pay or your estate will.

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