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How are the tools that makes things get made?

Asked by Trance24 (3311points) December 31st, 2007

Like in factories all those machines mass producing products. What made the machines, and what made the things that made them? It just seems like a vicious cycle of machine making machine. Where does man come in?

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Tools are made by a number of people working together and making simpler tools by hand.

Think about colonists arriving in a new country. They have brought with them the tools they need to build a whole civilization—probably a little food too, and some nails.. They often have what they can carry, perhaps a few barrels on a ship as well. They also brought with them the knowledge to build all the tools necessary for their continued survival.

What they usually bring with them are carpentry tools. However if these are not brought they must create knives and shovels from the existing wilderness resources. They often seek a source of clay so they can make vessels. They exploit wildlife for hides to tan into clothing until they can harvest crops suitable for clothing. They seek natural springs until they can dig wells. Sources of iron are often targets for migration as blacksmiths can begin producing tools for industry.

A small community of skilled and motivated individuals can have all these tasks completed within a decade. Usually in as much time an industry can be developed. Perhaps making steel or drilling oil. A mill or factory may be set up. Mining can continue underground. From these origins entire technologies can develop.

By a series of small steps, modern technology is evolved from simpler machinery.

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