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Have you ever had a conversation with a wrong number?

Asked by scula (54points) June 22nd, 2009

Has anyone ever called you by accident (wrong number) but the call led to an actual conversation between you? Have you ever stayed in contact with that person? Would you do it again?

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Way too scary in this day and age for me.

One time after a fabulous playoff victory for the Seahawks, I called my Mom’s house 3,000 miles away in Seattle where I knew my family would have been gathered for the game.

Someone said, “Hello?”

Me: “Did you see that last run? Wasn’t that incredible. We won, we won!!

Other Person: “It was fantastic. I told you he was a good quarterback. Everyone is always down on him, but he came through when it counted. We won!”

Finally, me noticing voice does not sound familiar: “Mom?”

Other Person: “Who is this?”

After apologizing, I hung up and called home, where everyone cracked up at my error.

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Can’t say we struck up an acquaintance, but twice now I have had persistent wrong numbers. One set was from a woman who was evidently elderly and somewhat confused. She was absolutely certain that this person she knew was at our number, so we ended up discussing why she thought so. Eventually she gave me enough information that I could track down the person she really needed and got them to delete our number from the poor woman’s phone and replace it with their number.

The other set was some Hispanic lady who kept calling and demanding to speak to Gloria. Eventually, the only to get rid of her was to say that Gloria didn’t live here. So then she wanted to know why Gloria didn’t live here. So then I came up with a plausible reason, which she did not accept. I came up with several more plausible reasons, which she also rejected. I finally told her that Gloria had embezzled money from the bank where she worked and had gone to Argentina. That made her stop calling. Of course, this whole exchange was done in Spanish, the caller speaking Mexican Spanish and me speaking Cuban.

But then there are also the calls for my husband’s late wife. She never lived at this house or had this number, but several times folks have come up with it in search of her. I have to tell them that she died back in 1988 and how, and then typically they end up telling me why they called and telling me all about her. The most recent call was to trace a family tree and it ended up lasting some 30 minutes.

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Well, I did have an iPhone text message misdirected as explained here (see my answer to: “Have you had any correspondence with Jellies outside of the site?”).

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I rang my friend Dave to wish him a happy new year and got through to another Dave.We eventually had a good chat( after the initial confusion).
Two years later, I again rang my friend Dave for the same reason and then rang my serendipitous other (Dave) friend and wished him seasonal greetings. I probably will again.

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Wrong number? Not so much.
But I have had a bunch of cell phone numbers since I was like 15. I used to call my old numbers and talk to the people who now had the number. Some got pissed, however, some actually talked with me.

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Yep , someone called here thinking they had the correct number . We tried to tell them they had the wrong number and put down the phone, only for them to call back again and again . So i put on an accent and said ” hurtera burtra ” to everything they said , they still thought i was the person they wanted and proceeded to tell me how bad i was looking after there grand children . This went on for just over 2 hours getting these calls , then they started saying they were gonna get there family round to kill me ( the people they thought i was ) i never did find out if that person got a visit or anything .

I kid you not this happened

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Not by talking. But texting though. I was texting my new friend and wrote the wrong number. And I was asking her something. Then the person answered and said “Who the fuck is this?!” I was like “uhm I think I got the wrong number sorry” and we just started talking. And we still talk every once in a while

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Happened a couple of times in the old days. Usually hang up and never called again though.

There was this one guy that accidentally called my number because from what I gathered there was some ad in a newspaper and they made a typo. But then he somehow thought it was funny to keep bothering me, even though I told him I had no property for sale. Other people also called around that period, but he kept doing it.

I almost sold my washing machine once, to a guy who’d dialled the wrong number. The funny part is I didn’t have a washing machine at the time. I used to sleep really late back then and he called me first thing in the morning as soon as the paper came out. Another typo or he simply misdialled. I automatically picked up the phone (next to my bed) and spoke to him, but was actually still asleep, so I kept saying “yes” to everything. The conversation went something like this:
-Hi, I’m calling about the washing machine.
-So, is it for sale?
-200 pounds, right?
-When can I pick it up?
-What do you mean “yes”? Can I pick it up today?
-Oh great, so where do you live?
-Ansty Road, but why are you asking? (half-awake at this point)
-So I can come pick up the washing machine.
-What washing machine?
-Your washing machine. The one you’re selling for 200 quid.
-What are you talking about? I don’t even have a washing machine!
-Sorry, wrong number.

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White People
warning there is language. but this popped to mind when I saw this question. it’s about 0:45 into it

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I long time ago I got a phone call from this guy. He sounded like someone I knew but hadn’t heard from in a while. He obviously thought he was talking to the right person too. It was pretty funny cause we talked for a good 10 minutes without realizing it was a wrong number. It wasn’t until I asked something about where he supposedly lived when he realized I wasn’t who he thought I was. We both laughed about it and he apologized. I never heard from him again.

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Once my stupid friend got me to do the ‘my boyfriend isnt answering my calls, call him from your number’ thing and I did. First and last time. This is the conversation.
Him: Hello?
Me: Hey! What the hell are you doing that’s so important that you can’t call your girlfriend?
Him: What are you talking about?
Me: She’s called you fifty times and now sent me to call you! So call her! She’s getting on my nerves.
Him: What the hell are you talking about?
Me: Don’t be a bitch. Call her!
Him: (laughing hysterically at this point.) I don’t have a girlfriend! You must have the wrong number!
Me: Omigosh! I’m so sorry! OOOHHhh my god! I’m soooo sorry!
Him: Don’t worry about it…etc

Then we hang up and he calls me back a few minutes later and asks if he can call me sometime! HA!

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My aunt used to call this guy about twice a week when trying to dial her son. The guy got so used to her calling that they would have a conversation almost every time she called. She finally got a cell phone and was introduced to the speed dial, so I don’t think she calls her new friend much anymore.

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yeah i was trying to talk to my dad but then another person anwsered and i was like who are you then he was like who is this then i hung up then my sister said that was your dads friend witch i am really good friends with

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witch…/giggles hysterically. I’m such a child.

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yeah ii had 1

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@Clair you needed really good eyes to notice the one mistake in the whole post ;)

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yeah my brother called the 911 for a bad reason and The police came and they got to our house and he said what is your emergency and my mom said he called my ascedent

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he called my ascedent? By accident?

What is a bad reason to call 911?

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@Darwin …I can think of at least one good one

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@Jack79 I liked your pre-edit answer better. :-)

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yeah but it was too nasty, even by my standards

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@Jack79 Now I wanna know what it the pre edited answer was! I’m so nosy

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@Jack79 That one was just my favorite.. :)

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