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Are the dissolvable tobacco products worse for you than actual smoking?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7436points) June 22nd, 2009

I’m curious if they are worse for you or not. The orbs, and the little bags you can put in your mouth between your cheek and teeth. Not chewing tobacco, but the new stuff that’s available. For the record, I do not smoke, nor to I do the smokeless, or dissolvable tobacco.

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If it still has all the same ingredients I would imagine it would still cause cancer. However, if it is just nicotine, then probably not. In fact, while nicotine is a poison in large enough doses, it will actually help folks who have Parkinson’s a bit, at least in the early stages of the illness, by suppressing the symptoms.

In fact, a spokesman for Reynolds says They are made from finely milled tobacco. This tells me that the same things that cause mouth cancer in chewing tobacco are still there to cause mouth, throat and possibly stomach cancer. All that is missing is the smoke and hence the effects on the lungs.

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Hey Papa….Don’t do any of that shit. You have a new son that is going to be looking up to you and emulating you. Be good!

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haha, I was just curious, I’ve been seeing a lot of ads in magazines and such.

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Dip still causes cancer, but it’s not exposed to as many areas as smoke is so the places you can get cancer are less than if you were smoking.

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i’ve never even heard of it.

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I am afraid that snuff and chewing tobacco are quite as dangerous as smoking, except that all the danger is to the user, not to the people around him.

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Let a smoker with nothing to hide tell you the facts. Snuff is different than cigarettes and cigars, as snuff does NOT produce the tar from burning. Ordinary snuff, chew, or Skoal, Copenhagen, etc is a different animal than the Camel SNUS you see advertised, as snuff is fermented tobacco. These SNUS are pasteurized, flavored, and while they contain nicotine, they are more likely to cause facial and throat cancer, gum disease and tooth loss, but are completely safe for your lungs, and nobody whines at you about second hand smoke.

Nicotine is a poison, but then, anything is a large enough dose can hurt you. Apple seeds contain arsenic, and while you’d probably have to chew up a bushel of them to get enough to kill you, the fact is, they still contain a poison. Many other things can be harmful in large doses, even the stuff of life, water. It’s about choice, you pick your poison, so to speak.

I’m not condoning tobacco use. I’m simply saying that tobacco use is a choice, well at least until you get addicted. I’ve tried these snus, (Swedish for snuff) and they do the trick, they deliver nicotine to the person using it, and there is no nasty second-hand smoke to annoy those around you.

I’ve tried everything under the sun to try and quit, but after using tobacco for 35 years, its a hard habit to break. Even the nicotine lollipops aren’t quite as satisfying as a smoke.

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First, let me say that if you don’t at present use any form of tobacco, the best thing to do is keep it that way. However, if you are a smoker and have had difficulties quitting, dissolvables are a better option. Switching to any smoke-free alternative source of nicotine will reduce your risks of tobacco-related disease by up to 99%.

Most of the disease risk comes from inhaling smoke. Smoke contains tar, carbon monoxide, particulates, and thousands of chemicals created by the process of combustion. Switching away from inhaling smoke eliminates these elements that are very harmful for lung health. Decades of research on Swedish snus reveals that smokers who switch to snus live just as long, and have about the same disease risk as former smokers who stopped using all forms of tobacco.

Swedish snus is treated to reduce a type of carcinogen called Tobacco-specific Nitrosamines (TSNAs). A pack of cigarette provides a daily exposure to TSNAs ranging between 38 and 223 micrograms. Eight portions of snus provide a daily exposure level of 19 micrograms. Consuming 20 (5.5 grams) of the new dissolvable orbs provides a daily exposure that ranges between 1 and 2 micograms. The short answer to your question is “No, smoking is much more harmful.”

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