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To congratulate someone for their 10k lurve reachment how do you know when they reach it? Do you stalk them?

Asked by Tink (8673points) June 23rd, 2009 from iPhone


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It can happen in a few ways. You could be reading a Q/quip of theirs and think “HEY! shilolo just reached 10K!” or you could be on their profile stalking, writing them a message or adding them to your fluther and notice the lurve. Then you search Fluther to see if there has been a question asked about them yet, and if not, you go ahead and do the honors. Also, people who are closing 10K are typically very excited and looking forward to it and thus mention it in PMs to their fluther friends, in the chat room or even on a thread. This automatically makes other people look out for their lurve score more than normal to witness their achievement.

Just from general Fluthering, I am aware offhand that eponymoushipstr and richardhenry are approaching 10k. I am sure there are others too.

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:) thanks

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@PnL Epony already reached his, and has a congratulatory thread going. :)

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@augustlan – Oooh? Thanks for mentioning it! I’ve been avoiding Fluther for the last few days and see all the important info I miss out on?? I’ll go wish him now.

@Tink1113 – You are most welcome :)

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@PnL avoiding Fluther??? The horror!

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@cak – I was going to respond to this in a PM to you but realized how blasphemous my quote sounded so I wanted to clarify. I am going on a 1.5 month vacation in 14 hours and I’ve been terribly procrastinating on every aspect (packing included of course) of my life. Which is why I have been trying and mostly failing to avoid Fluther.

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@PnL story of my life :)

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@Tink1113….Hey kid, what are you doing awake after 1AM? Must be summer break, I guess. Anyhow, those numbers adjacent to everyone’s username are very apparent. And many of the jellies nearing 10K, and there are quite a few, tend to be active, so you are going to see their avatar, username and lurve score probably several times during a visit. And, speaking of active, I couldn’t help but notice that you have amassed 1374 points in just over a months time. Keep it up Tink…you’re bound to set some new records. I’ll go tell the monkey man you’ll be joining him before long and to save you a real nice seat in the 10K Lurve Lounge. Get some sleep, kid. Good night.

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@PnL Well…in that case, enjoy every minute of the vacation! Take lots of pictures and bring me back a cool present! ;)

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I haven’t caught anyone hitting 10k, but my goal now is to stalk @cak because she’s so close.

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I was stalking eponymoushipstr, but I was at dinner when he hit 10k. I knew I should have packed a sandwich for my stakeout.

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I was stalking tinyfaery when she reached her 10000. I love a reason to celebrate. who should I stalk now? cprevite? Bri_L?

@PnL enjoy your trip!

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@jonsblond: is that you I feel stalking me?

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@cprevite damn! you noticed.

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I thought I’d caught epony at 10k and wrote an announcement, but I forgot to add the topics. While I was amending my post, I noticed that jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities had already posted it. I just happened to notice when he was only at 10018. If someone’s a frequent poster and you check in often, you don’t have to stalk him or her to be there when it happens.

My money’s on Darwin for the next one. Right now she’s at 9910. Going to stalk her now.

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@whatthefluther You caught me :)

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@casheroo you’re stalking me? I feel so honored! I’m going to stalk Darwin, along with Jeruba. She’s a smart cookie, she’ll hit 10k very soon!

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@cak I know where to find her!

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I caught Darwin. Wasn’t easy—I had to be quick! No more than 1 second elapsed between when she crowned 10,000 and when I posted the notice.

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