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What is wrong with my lemon verbena plant?

Asked by nomtastic (974points) June 23rd, 2009

I bought a lemon verbena plant last week, and then re-potted it and put it on my kitchen window sill (which i s a little shady.) Now leaves are turning brown and falling off at a clip! Does it need more light? Water? Is this just what happens when you re-pot?

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I’ve never tried to grown lemon verbena in a pot, but I do know that if prefers full sun.

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It grows naturally outside in zones 8,9,10, which makes it a tropical plant. Don’t overwater, try putting it outside (in the sun and in the pot). Where do you live?

If you want something hardy with the same aroma, try lemon balm. It spreads like crazy, however. The leaves, when bruised, are nice in iced tea or simply ice water.

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I ditto lemon balm. It is very easy to grow. In fact this year we had bug holes in it so we cut it all off at the base of the stems. And it has already grown back tremendously well. Smells beautifully.

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