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How do you remove something off an ebay auction?

Asked by trailsillustrated (16789points) June 24th, 2009

I’m helping a friend do an estate sale- I put this silver plate thing on ebay that I know appraises for 7–800 usd- it’s got no bids and no watchers, I just want to remove it and tell her to take it to a dealer so I don’t end up owing her if it goes for $200. Anybody know how to do this?? thanks!!

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If i remember you have to wait till end of auction , that or you can cancel the auction by going to the item . You could add further information to the auction and tell the bidders, this item is no longer for sale so please dont bid as you wont get it . If they still bid for it you can refuse to sell it cause bids were place after you informed them .

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Just looked in ebay and found :

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If it has NO bids, she can go in and end the auction or she can change the opening bid. I think, when you open the item (after signing in) you can go to “edit.” For some reason I remember it being on the top left hand corner of the page.
If you still have trouble, the online chat help is great. They will walk you through it. Make sure you have the item number before you start the chat.

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I read on a blog that if you still have possession of the object, you simply refuse to send it to the winning bidder. Tell them it was withdrawn. The seller will be banned from ebay, but you can always register as a different person if you want to use it again.

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Site Map/ Selling Activities / End Your listing / Enter Item # /Enter Reason- Item No longer available for sale

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