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What are the differences between the Comply foam earbuds?

Asked by fortris (680points) June 24th, 2009

Like T200 and T400? Different sizes? Also, what is the best way to care for them and extend their lifetime?

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hearkat's avatar is their website. You choose your headphone make and model, and it tells you which tip options are available for your device. Then you can click “more information” to get detailed descriptions. For example, some have a wax guard built into them so ear wax can’t gum up the headset.

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I think the model number indicates that they fit on different manufactures headphones. I use T500’s for my Ultimate ears super.fi5 pro’s.

As for care tips the only one I can think of is don’t get them wet and don’t try to wash them, they don’t like it. One pair will last for a good few months.

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