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Places to go for my Birthday?

Asked by J3SSK4 (86points) June 25th, 2009

My sisters wants to take me out for my birthday..But we cant agree on anything.. Somewhere like Sixflags or the zoo, or the rides at the beach.. Any ideas of somewhere in that style?

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My suggestions are based on your age, so how old are you?

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Disneyland and Walt Disney World are offering free admission on your birthday this year. If you’re anywhere near Anaheim or Orlando, that’d be my recommendation.

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I used to go to Cedar Point a lot around your age (It’s in northwest Ohio) but a theme park is always a lot of fun. Good way to spend a birthday.

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NYCity for the sights; top of the Empire State Bldg, carriage ride in Central Park, Museum of Natural History, ogling the fabulous jewelry stores on Fifth Avenue, dinner at a really nice restaurant.

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Tooo bad i live in GAY NEWJERSEY where none of those places are available.

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NJ has a Six Flags Great Escape or something, doesn’t it? Or Six Flags Great American Adventure? Something along those lines.

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@J3SSK4 : It should be an easy trip in on PATH or over the GW bridge, no? Or go to Atlantic city and do whatever one does there

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It’s your birthday, they should do what you want. That said, it is nice to take their ideas into consideration.

Start with how you would like to spend the day:

Summer Fun?
A Movie?

What will make whatever you choose special is hanging out with you friends on your special day.

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you can go to NY to shop….spend 2 grand… :))

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hi I want to find a place to go for my birthday

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