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You awaken with a knife in your hand...

Asked by SmashTheState (12783points) June 2nd, 2010

You awaken disoriented, with a knife in your hand. You are covered in blood. You find yourself in a strange place you don’t recognize, and before you, on the bed, is the body of a person you don’t know, slashed to ribbons, and very, very dead. From the horrified look on the corpse’s face and the defensive slashes on both arms, the person did not go gently into the night.

You have no memory of how you got here. You seem to be unharmed. Other than you and the corpse, there is no one around. For the time being, you are alone.

What do you do?

(For those of you who will claim that you’ll call the police and sit quietly until they arrive, remember that something like this ruins lives—not only your life, but the lives of your friends and family. You could easily clean up and creep away and, after all, you have no memory of the event.)

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I would call the poilice!!... but if we are going down the movie route then no doubt I would call my creepy best friend who would come round, go into I’m CSI trained and know how to get rid of all evidence, then stand back and watch in horror as they chop up the body and feed it to some neighbouring pigs, conveniently hungry, waiting next door. Then I would hopelessly spend the entire movie being haunted by the events in traumatic flashbacks, and my creepy friend only to wake up the next morning to find out it was all a dream!!

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I’d like to read what Ashley Judd and Jane Fonda would answer. ;-)

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If I don’t remember not even who I was before that night I would run to another country and start a new life.Ireland would be nice or New Zeeland

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Look around for some time to figure things out. If nothing is clear…

Shit man, I don’t know. I probably would call someone I trust first. There’s very few people I’d trust enough in that situation to a) help and b) be calm.

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You hear noises, loud voices. Look down, there are carrots, tomato“s, lettuce, you have gone to sleep when you are supposedly preparing the salad for the BBQ.

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Again? I hate when that happens.

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Buy the dvd, sounds exhliarating.

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I would say “Computer, end programme.”

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I’d bitch about the blood on my dress.

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I watch those cop shows. They almost always get you in the end. I’d just call the police.

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I’d remove any trace I may have left, then I would go to the hospital, and have blood drawn.
I would ask for a blood test to determine if I had been drugged.

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wtf?! Got to call my dealer…..that was some bad shit!
See ya…..Gary/wtf

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I’d clean my prints on the knife, and peace out, ditching the knife preferably in a body of water. Probably smoke a few bowls to take the edge off.

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Call my best friend who I was most likely with or talked to at some point the night before so she could help me figure it out. I wouldn’t have any of my friends come by what the hell kind of friend drags someone they care about down with them? . Phoning the police is dependent upon what info I get from my best friend. If she gave me enough info to realize I probably did this, then I’d be out of the country. If not, then I’d call the police from there.

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call Dr. Brennan and Booth!

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I might as well get a few more stabs in, then call the police.

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I like presents, so i would be grateful for the knife.

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I’d call my friend Adrian Monk and hope to god he could figure it all out.

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I’m pretty sure I’d end up screaming and crying so loudly that someone else would hear me and call the police. I definitely would not have my wits about me and I might end up hurting myself in sheer panic by trying to get the knife away from me. Oh, and I’d probably vomit so hard it would come out of my nose.

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Hm… I think I’d look for the hidden cameras. And if I find them I’m going to use the knife on Ashton Kusher.

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I’d call the police and then hire Robert Shapiro, F. Lee Bailey, and Alan Dershowitz to represent me in court. (It’s almost the dream team. RIP Johnny Cochran)

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I would most likely have a panic attack and pass out

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Get a really, really good lawyer.

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Due to the fact that I can’t remember anything about what happened I wouldn’t try to cover up the crime. There’s no possible way for me to know for sure if there was any other evidence or fingerprints in a location other than my house that might link me to the murder. Maybe there were even witnesses that seen us together? With that in mind, I would call the police. I’d plead temporary insanity and claim that I suffer from memory loss. Then I’d cross my fingers and hope for the best.

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I would pretend to collapse when near the closest civilization so when I woke up in the hospital I can have a ‘very good’ reason and explain what was happening to me. If I call the police I might have to go through all of their long and intensive investigation of accusing me as a murderer. Then I’ll call my lawyer if necessary. Actually this will never happen in my life since I’m a very careful person and I never venture far away from good civilization.

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Wow…way to many crime/horror movies haha. But IRL i’d freak the hell out, and try to pull some Jason Bourne shit, then most likely get caught a year later in some foreign country

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run Forrest, run

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@jazmina88 Lmao….love it!

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Wood chipper and bleach.

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The very first thing I would probably do is pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming and freak out a little when I realize its real. And then call the cops and then call my lawyer after I vomit all over the place. Since I don’t know what I’ve might’ve touched anywhere, there is no point in trying to cover up my tracks. I’m sure my finger prints are still on file somewhere from a previous job some years ago.
So no point in running. One thing for sure, since I am onl 5 feet tall and as strong as a 10 year old, the most I’ve probably could’ve done is scratch the sucker. Maybe one stab but that was probably after several attempts. If there is that much blood than someone else did it and framed me. Especially if there are no scratches on me.

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I’d probably just pick up my chalk and examine everything out of the norm in the past few days. A good brainstorm on a blackboard can do wonders for mysteries.

That said, if I found out I was definitely the murderer, I’d probably have to postpone the nervous breakdown until I’d erased all traces of myself from the scene and managed to get to Paris.

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@Rubrica I’m not sure I’d go to Paris. Her history of alibi giving is pretty damn weak.

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i would run far blame it on some one else lie through every question its a random person right so why would they think of me and i would kill a person with ice the weapon would melt and so would the finger prints make the ice really pointy to stab with

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@nana098 CSI Miami is ruining the minds of our young potential murderers.

First of all ice is difficult to hold onto. It’s slippery as… you guessed it.
Secondly, it’s not all that strong. You’d have to hit the blow just perfectly – the first time.

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