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Are there any websites like igoogle but better?

Asked by joooon (215points) June 25th, 2009

Igoogle links other pages together so I can see all the top stories on digg, see top news from bbc news all on one page.

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Yes and dverhey wouldn’t know them.
No, I’m really not sure. But I win!
dverhey sends his love from the john by the way!

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@Clair -I bet he’s looking for the links right now

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I use Popurls for that.

You might like Pageflakes too.

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:P just signed up before you said that.

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Gonna say PopUrls… What is this? I go to walk the dog and I come back and this happens?

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@dverhey :D Helloo, dverhey.

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MyYahoo is what I use.

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@dverhey – Is that what guys are calling the “John” now?

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since when was the john anything other than the toilet? The shitter? The commode?
Am I missing something?

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He said “I go out to walk the the dog and I come back and this happens?”
So am I missing something too?

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@Tink1113 I was being presumptuous and mean. I really had no idea what he was doing.

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@Clair -I know hehe me too

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I was walking the dog. Really. I have better things to do than Fluther all day…

Like eat.

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Who doesn’t like to eat? Ok we were just joking, well I know I was

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I am not offended. I really don’t know why I should be…

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Oh I don’t care if you are or aren’t. Jk jk jk jk :P

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