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Why don't you listen to classical music.

Asked by minolta (328points) June 25th, 2009

you’re missing out so much if you dont. but whats your reason not to?

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I don’t qualify for this question.
I enjoy classical.

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I ain’t no music snob i listen to everything , the reason i listen to everything is i play guitar and other genres of music help the creative juices to flow .

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It’s too slow and calm.

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Actually, I do. But I also listen to rock, jazz, folk, big band, and world music.

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@Tink1113 – Somebody has never listened to Rites of Spring or Firebird

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@Tink1113 classical music is not only written in adagio (slow). neither is it only calm in terms of mood. do you really believe all these composers were always at peace and calm when they wrote their works? come onnn…

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Ok people, I just don’t enjoy it like most of you

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Listen to the first track of this (O Fortuna) and tell me it is slow and calm.

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you can always mix some drums into it. makes it feel faster and harder.

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@Tink1113 I just can’t imagine how they felt when they were writing and composing it. This was practically Metallica for them at one point. And so much more! (no criticism for the Metallica comparison.)
I don’t see how someone couldn’t enjoy this on some level.

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I do – because I find it both relaxing and inspirational.

But I admit to not knowing as much about the composers and orchestras as I would like.

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@Tink1113, try listening to Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture sometime.

I love all different types of music, including Classical. I’m a big Bach fan.

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I do. Just not as much as other genres. I do agree with cprevite, though, in the way that I would love to know more about the different composers like I do for other types of music.

And I’m not going to suggest a piece of music for Tink1113…

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I’ll jump in…classical is not my favorite genre of music…I don’t find myself listening to it on purpose. Doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy some of it immensely, but I think what @Tink1113 was getting at isn’t that ALL classical is too slow and calm, but that in general, most of what you hear is really a less frenetic type of music than our culture has raised us to appreciate. Yes, some classical is very bombastic and exciting, the majority really though is slow and light and expressive in a much different way than is contemporary music. I would say that for me, just like I don’t sit around listening to Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Yngvie Malmsteen because even though their music is heavy and can shred with the Eddie Van Halens and the Dimebag Darrells out there, I personally need vocals to complete the picture. For me, classical feels like there is something missing, at least for general day to day listening. I can listen to it, I can enjoy it, but it’s not what I turn to for the musical rush that rock and roll gives me.

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Drums would be good. Thats all I’m asking for
@dalepetrie :)

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@Tink1113 – plenty of classical uses percussive instruments, perhaps not the same standard configuration as a set of drums in a rock band, but yes, you can have drums in classical. You have to realize that classical spans from over 1,000 years ago to today…I suspect some day you’ll probably take some sort of music appreciation class and learn quite a bit. I’d suggest going to your local library and checking out something like “Classical Thunder”...a CD dedicated to classical which is more loud and bombastic…I think you’d find plenty to like. It’s still not rock and roll, and it’s still not what I choose to put on the stereo in my car or at home, but it’s all good.

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@dalepetrie – Ill try doing that thanks
@dverhey – Huh?

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Why the assumption? I have been a regular listener to classical music since I was eleven.

@Tink1113, saying that classical music is all slow and calm is like saying that all color is soft and sweet when all you’ve ever seen is pastels.

Some classical music radio stations position themselves as “soothing” and “calm,” and they play only classical pieces that fit that description. I think they’re trying to win a certain audience, get played in shrinks’ waiting rooms, or maybe just help rush hour drivers chill. Calm is nice, but the most dramatic, thunderous, wild and emotional music I know is also classical. Amplified guitar and percussion can’t touch a full orchestra for volume, mass, and brain-busting effects. Classical gives you a full, deep, and very broad range of types and styles and definitely not music that all sounds the same, as most of rock does to me.

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@Jeruba – Good examples

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These days just about everyone from Elvis Costello to Metallica has worked with an orchestra backing them at one time or another. Just have to approach it with an open mind…the majority of what you’ve heard doesn’t do it for you, and I’m right there with ya, but there is some classical that almost anyone would enjoy. I think the reason most people don’t listen to it very much though is exactly because of what @Tink1113 hit on…all you really seem to hear in the mainstream is light and soothing…you have to dig deeper to find something that connects with a modern audience. Most people with a deep appreciation of music will stumble upon this truth eventually though…it’s not all flutes and triangles like you hear when you got a band concert in your school, some of the best rock wouldn’t exist were it not for some of the great classical artists.

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What do you mean by classical music? Led zeppelin is now considered classic.
Yes I know, as opposed to classical.

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@ChazMaz -everyone else who replied on this thread knows exactly what I mean by classical music. Notice I didn’t say classic rock.

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Yes I know… :-)

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@chazmaz then why did you ask that question?

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I never really got into classical music, I preferred jazz when I wanted something instrumental. But recently I’ve been listening to Baroque choral pieces and symphonic pieces on Pandora, and I love it. It is great for when I have to reread or write my thesis. Not necessarily soothing (depending on what I’m listening to), but when I need to concentrate hard on something, it is nice to listen to music that I can’t hum along to. Jazz used to be good for this, but I’ve listened to my favorites so many times now that I’ll even hum along to Medeski, Martin and Wood now, and that’s no good. Time to open up my new horizons on the musical front.

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Because, you did not clarify it. Even though the group does know what you were saying, as I did. It left room to expand on it. Did my question mess you up? Did not mean to take your thunder. :-)

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@Tink1113 Listen to some Paganini…Caprice No5 in particular, here

and some Brahms for good measure here

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@ChazMaz – no you didn’t mess me up. just wanted to clarify

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Actually, one way in to classical music for those who don’t want to listen to the old white guys is to go with movie soundtracks. Some musics do use only rock or hip hop or whatever as a soundtrack, but many other movies don’t. Star Wars and other pieces by John Williams are good examples of accessible classical music. This site lets you preview various soundtracks so you can see what ones you might like to try.

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Try Beethoven’s Waldstein sonata, Wagner’s The Ride of the Valkeries, Handel’s Water Music, Mozart’s Missa Solemnis, Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, Schubert’s The Trout… they are very different from elevator musak.

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You presume a lot. Many people enjoy classical music, although they also might appreciate other musical form a little more frequently. On my iTunes playlists I have one hundred and eighty-five classical pieces that I listen to quite regularly – particularly when I am working or studying intensely. It relaxes and aids concentration without distracting. I imagine that many others will also have a number of favourite pieces.

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I listen occasionally, and I like quite a few composers. (It’s funny, when I first started paying attention to music, the only classical that I knew was from Bugs Bunny cartoons

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I listen to it usually but it’s not the best thing ever…
like bach,betoven,mozart,and more!
It calms me down..=)

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@syz: Every year the Boston Pops hosts the Classical Cartoon Festival at Symphony Hall.

They show a bunch of the classic Bugs Bunny cartoons while the Pops play along live in the pit.

It always ends with What’s Opera Doc. It’s a great time.

I too was first introduced to classical through Looney Toons

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I don’t listen to it, I devour it. I am a Mozart fan. The greatest musician in history.

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@DarkScribe you have one hundred and eighty-five classical pieces? What does that mean? Do you mean you have one hundred and eighty-five tracks on your iTunes or does it mean you have one hundred and eighty-five classical works? As you might know then, a symphony, concerto and sonata usually consists of four movements, making up four separate tracks.

I have about a thousand classical CD’s. I don’t want to even know how many tracks that make up. If you want some recommendations, I’ll gladly give some to you.

Plus, I follow you on fluther. And from what I have seen, you presume far more than anyone else.

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IM not sure if I listen to that kind of music

I get count of what kind of music I hear

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Ahhhh, presumption. It calms the savage breast.

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@minolta If you want some recommendations, I’ll gladly give some to you.

How could you possibly “presume” to make musical selections for someone who you have never met and have no way of determining musical taste?

No, I will stick with those pieces that I have already found to be pleasing. After more than forty years of slow and careful musical selection I doubt that anyone is likely to be able to suggest anything that I have not heard. My mother was a classical pianist, as was her father. Thank you for the offer.

(BTW shouldn’t you consider a change of nick to “Sony”?)

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@DarkScribe no wonder your nick is DarkScribe. You should look for wisdom at this age, not childish ignorance and bully acts. I have nothing more to say to you.

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@minolta I have nothing more to say to you.


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it doesn’t terribly interest me.

the folks who play classical music are often ridiculously talented, and they play beautiful songs. but when it comes down to it, i don’t really fancy music without lyrics (for the most part). also, even the most intricate notes of any instrument are completely lost on me.

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@tiffyandthewall: Opera has lyrics; Carmen or The Barber of Seville are accessible, memorable and have famous melodies.

(Toreador, don’t spit on the floor
Use the cuspidor
That’s what it’s for.)

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