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Did anyone else notice that almost all the questions on this site have something to do with iPods and iTunes?

Asked by aLeXiE347 (51points) June 25th, 2009

or iPhones.

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No. Look at the past several pages of questions and count the ones that have to do with iPods and iTunes. I’d be surprised if as many as 1 in 4 were about iPods and iTunes—and that’s hardly “almost all.”

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You should go back a year. Damn near every question was about it. Fluther got mentioned as the #1 social networking app on Apples page.

It was a total mess.

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Well it seems like it to me. or maybe its just because i always ask about it, and answer them.

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No. Unless you think having a period or visits from ET have to do with your iPod.

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..i just asked a question about an ipod…lol..

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As the new owner of my very first iPod I find that very helpful.

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Er, no they aren’t

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No. They don’t. Not even close. But if that’s what you’re interested in, those will be the ones you notice the most.

We do go through phases, though. Some days it seems like they’re all “What does it mean when he…?” and “How do I tell her that…?” questions. And some days it’s “What’s the <most/best/biggest/worst/other superlative> ~~~ you ever ~~~?”

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either that or relationship advice. but hey i’ve been there.

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Or the questions about if you think marijuana should be illegal

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Or, @Jeruba, they are easily noticed by those of us who have no interest in them at all. Some days it seems like I keep scrolling by question after question because of this. They have every legitimate reason to be here, though.

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Based on the Tag Cloud, it’s certainly one of the most popular topics here.

But all of them, nah. You have to take into account all the relationship advice, political questions, and tech support questions.

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i figuredd it out

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