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Who is going to win the tour de france this year?

Asked by lendwill (187points) June 25th, 2009

i work at a bike repair shop and every year we watch the tour. we are picking riders and gambling on who will win this year. who is a good choice and a likely victor this year?

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The one who comes in first Sorry, just had to say it.

While I think it would be neat if our perennial yellow jersey guy from Texas got it, I would be very surprised if he did. It has been 4 years and that can be a lifetime in a strenuous sport. Lance Armstrong is riding for Kazakhstan this year in a strong, mostly American team, so it is possible but I think unlikely.

A lot of folks think we should all keep an eye on Alberto Contador this year. Astana has named him leader and he has been doing well recently. He is the pre-race favorite, and for good reason.

We will just have to wait and see.

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We’ll have to see how strong Armstrong and Landis are after time away from pro racing. Ya gotta look at Cadel Evans, Carlos Sastre, and Denis Menchov. I don’t know who they are riding for this year, but Evans was doing very well last year.

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I’m just going to throw Lance Armstrong out there. No one has ever been as successful or dominant in the Tour de France as him so he probably has just a good a chance as anyone in still winning it. And I’m sure we’ll still have the same problem children, as always, that like to proclaim that Armstrong is using performance enhancing substances even though there is zero proof that this has ever happened with him.

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Haha, My brother is going to Paris in few days. If any girl is interested in wining a free trip with him let me know & I will get him in touch with you. He is going in most of the tours in there, so you can get a free trip all around :). Well, thought that will be a more chance of a trip than the above lottery one, at least for the ladies :P.

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The team which is best at hiding doping.

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@mattbrowne Oh I hope not. Those controversies make me sick. Also, I don’t think doping should be illegal, but that’s a whole ‘nother discussion.

I just want to enjoy the race. It looks like a very interesting course this year, and the competition is full of unknowns, including some formerly well-knowns. There is going to be a team time trial. A mountain stage on the day before the end. They will be going through four or five countries. Fun, fun, fun. My goal in life is to be able to follow the tour one summer. Hell, I wish I could be strong enough to ride in it. Too bad we don’t have more than one life.

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@daloon – Well, making doping legal is a whole new discussion. I would actually support it if we exclude substances posing health risks (like steroids).

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