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What do you do when your cell phone drops in a porta-potty?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7810points) June 25th, 2009

ok, so you’re in there and your cell phone is in one of your hands. you just happen to be talking on it or not talking on it when, for whatever reason, it slips from your grasp into the blue water of a public outdoor toilet. essentially, an outhouse, if you ask me.

do you go for it? do you say, “oh well?” would you reach into the muck and mire of a portable outdoor toilet for what seems to be prized possession?

damn! i just bought this new I-phone yesterday! would you do it? has it ever happened to you?

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Umm, buy a new one, or file for insurance on it. Its kinda sick to go for it.

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Hmmm what would I do?
Well if there was nothing in the toilet thingy i’d probably reach in to get it.
If it was a new iPhone it probably wouldn’t work anymore so I don’t think so…

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I was really hoping to see “from iPhone” next to this question.

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haha that would be hilarious

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“Hello? Yes, my cell phone was stolen…”

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i mean, you just bought the phone, you know? and it dives into the blue murkiness. but not only is it the blue stuff, but other innards. nasty choice to make.

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Did you go for it, and what do you carry around a laptop and just make this up while in the port-a-poty, contemplating whether to get it

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I think you shouldnt have your phone in your hand while using the toilet. Concentrate on one thing at a time.

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Ewww that would be sick!!!
Never mind, I’m not gonna stick my hand in there for a fckn phone yuck

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Talk about dropping calls…

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Haha we have a comedian here

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Well if you are the kid in Slumdog, there would be no question. But for me, forget it, I will hock my golf clubs and buy a new phone!

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See that little white square on the battery and on the phone inside the battery compartment? It turns pink if the phone is ever wet. That is also the signal that you voided your warranty. So even if you got it out, the thing is toast.
Fuhgetaboudit! Unless it’s a waterproof Motorola

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Wait until someone goes to use the facility and call your phone,

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@DarkScribe GA

Leave it there and report it to your insurance company.

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Leave it and report as stolen. You can’t report it is as “pooped on”, they won’t replace it for that reason.
So, the question really is, what DID you do?

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waterproof motorola cost $430 – might as well get 10 nokias one after the other as you seem to have butterfingers

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I’d totally buy a new phone.

My husband…not so sure about him. His cell phone is his lifeline, vital for his business. Is there a way to transfer over your contact information if the old phone is lost? If not, he’d be going after that phone (puking the whole time probably). He once dropped a cell phone into a five-gallon bucket of paint. He managed to fish it out and clean it up, and it actually still worked mostly. Not so disgusting as a port-o-potty though…

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It’d be a sad loss, but no way in hell would I fish it out.

I had to get my phone out of my toilet at home. Luckily there was nothing gross in the toilet.

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I would not even consider going after it. For any reason.

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My partner’s phone fell out of her pocket into the toilet at IHOP – she retrieved it. We held it in front of the heater vent in my car to dry it out and it’s still going strong over a year later.

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I don’t know about you, but in my mind there’s no choice. Money don’t grow on trees any more. I’m diving in after that sucker and I’m not coming up until I find it!

Seriously, if you bought it on credit card or you have homeowners insurance, you probably don’t even have to report it stolen. It’s just an accident, and that’s what insurance is for. If you don’t have insurance, well, I’ve got a diving outfit I can rent you ;-)

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This reminds me of a Jack Handy quote:

“If you ever accidentally drop your keys into a river of molten lava, let ‘em go, because man, they’re gone.”

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I’d flush and put it out of it’s misery.

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If I drop my phone in the can its already destroyed when it hits the water.
If it’s in a porta-john and it falls on a pile of other people’s nasty, I’m calling it a loss.

You can clean that phone as many times as you want but you’ll never forget the moment you fished that phone off the top of a pile of urine, toilet paper and dung, every time you so much as touch that thing.

Sometimes, you just have to let that phone go.

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Just to add on: What if you were expecting a really important call that you needed to answer right then but you’d just dropped the phone in the can?

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Then you are screwed!

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Personally, that is one of many reasons why I carry cell phone insurance. Not gonna touch that sucker once it falls in there, and besides, it wouldn’t work any more anyway.

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@Darwin We always have cell phone insurance as well, especially with a toddler in the home. It has come in handy many times.

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@casheroo – I have teenagers and it has come in equally handy (although at the moment my daughter is barred from making any more claims for 8 1/2 more months).

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As far as I’m concerned, once it falls into that mess (or any other toilet, for that matter) it has disappeared from the face of the Earth. It was probably zapped up by aliens, I don’t know…but it’s never going to be in my hands, ever again. YUCK.

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In the toilet, no effing way. However this reminds me of something I saw a couple of summers ago. We’d just gotten ice cream and were sitting in my truck down at the river. Two guys were on the bank of the river, getting into their kayaks. Well one guy was in his, his buddy was talking on his cell phone while standing in ankle deep water. After about ten minutes, he hung up, put it in his shirt pocket, bent over to get in his kayak, and bloop! there goes his phone into the water. I saw that and I just couldn’t help myself, I laughed my ass off. He pawed around in the water, but couldn’t find it, then stopped a guy who walking the bike trail, asked to use his phone, and tried calling his drowned phone. He never did find it while we were there. It was the funniest thing I’d seen in awhile and reminded me that you gotta be careful, and really, who needs a damn cell phone when they go kayaking anyway? .

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@evelyns_pet_zebra who needs a damn cell phone when they go kayaking anyway? .

I do a lot of kayaking and always take a phone. In a waterproof case along with my camera. It has come in handy on occasion, particularly since the advent of GPS functionality on phones.

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I would just grab it…down $300, or wash my hands a couple times?

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@lefteh – I’m just not that good of a person! ICK!

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Last night I asked my cell-phone-dependent husband what he’d do if he dropped his phone into a port-o-potty, and he actually had to think about it for a long time. He finally decided he’d just leave it. He said, “I don’t think I could stick my hand into one of those for anything.” I’m rather relieved I was wrong!

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@DarkScribe well this idiot didn’t have a waterproof case. And I don’t think his brain was very well protected from the sun, either.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra – Just because someone both has a cell phone and likes to kayak doesn’t mean they are winners in the genetic sweepstakes.

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@Darwin Just because someone both has a cell phone and likes to kayak doesn’t mean they are winners in the genetic sweepstakes.


Does that mean that I must surrender my trophy?

Damn, that will leave a large gap on the mantle.

In honesty, I have had the same thing happen to me – once – bending over and losing a pocket camera that I had forgotten was in a top pocket. I did feel very foolish at the time.
Luckily it was a little Sony and they are pretty well indestructible. It just suffered a small dent and a scratch when it hit the concrete.

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@DarkScribe – My, we are testy tonight, aren’t we? I wasn’t aiming my comment at you but if you wish to take so, then great, give up your trophy.

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@Darwin _My, we are testy tonight, aren’t we? _

Strange, I was in good humour and not the least testy. It appears that my attempt at a humorous response fell flat.

Believe me, I have no problem with you or your post. You might gather by now that when I do have a problem with someone or someone’s post I am not shy about making it clear.

Sorry – I was trying to be amusing – I was not trying to offend you..

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