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Would you ever agree to meet or date someone purely by the sound of their voice?

Asked by scula (54points) June 26th, 2009

You’ve never seen them, but you had a nice phone call and liked the sound of their voice. And no, a friend did not introduce you.

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Sure, I’d meet them, I have a fascination for accents and voices. I know one woman truck driver that has the most sultry and sexy voice of any woman I’ve ever met, and when she calls me ‘hon’ affectionately, I just melt. She’s not anyone I’d date, but since I’m married, the dating part isn’t really an option. She has one Hell of a sexy voice, though.

In your case, I’d meet them somewhere neutral, in public, like a coffee shop or something and see what happens.

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no. voices are highly misleading.

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Yes, I am a sucker. Doesn’t mean you have to go any further. I love meeting new people.
Or maybe it’s just because I’m ovulating…

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as someone with an extremely sexy voice (“butter wrapped in velvet, wrapped in a koala fur”), i’d say go for it.

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I’ve done that once, and many girls have done it with me (I have done radio shows for many years so they hear my voice before meeting me in person). I can’t tell you whether the girls were thrilled or disappointed, one of them actually became my girlfriend, in most other cases we may have met for a coffee or something, but usually nothing more. There was one girl that apparently was in love with my voice and called me all the time, went on for years.

The girl I agreed to meet was also a caller, and she had this amazing, sexy voice. We put her on air and she was stunning. We aranged to meet for a drink that night, she was this hunched bony figure with a huge nose, looked like the scarecrow from Wizard of Oz.

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@Jack79 WOW HAHAHAHA! yikes.
Thank you so much for sharing.

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No. Looks matter. And it can be dangerous to meet anyone who knows what you look like if you don’t know what they look like.


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@Link It was never stated that they knew what you looked like and you didn’t know their appearance.
And why should looks matter in a friend anyway? Kinda shallow.

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I don’t think I would meet anyone I did not know based on one phone call no matter how great their voice is.

There is too much missing information to provide good counsel. How did the phone call with a stranger come about? What circumstances?

Phone is like the Internet in that the person can make up whatever they want about themselves.

If you did decide to meet them, I would take someone with me, make it in a public place of your choosing, and in the middle of the day.

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even if he turns on the charm i would not because he might be a bad duude

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@Link Uh, yeah, LOOKS MATTER?! Wow.

I know of two people who I’ve talked to several times that I’d meet in a heart beat. Of course, I’ve talked to them enough that I trust them, but yeah, their voices run all over me.

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No because I don’t have phone conversations with people I haven’t corresponded with by other means first.

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Why not meet someone? I’m not afraid to meet many humans, in general.

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In this day and age of the internet, there is no reason why two people can’t email pics to each other. I’d be suspicious if the person said they could not.

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On the Internet, all girls are men and all little girls are undercover FBI agents.

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Umm not on the internet, but kinda like a blind date, sure

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@melover139 I think we get the picture.

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I have and I did, several times.
They were nice enough guys, but nothing lasting came of the meetings.

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What they said and just make sure in some way its on your terms (that way you protect yourself), just remember you make the descisions. No one can do that for you.

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I just don’t know. I mean possibly. I’m really not certain if I would or not. I suppose I could if I felt comfortable about it. Right now I’m undecided on this issue.

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