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How often do the Fluther mods/founders come up with new greetings?

Asked by mangeons (12203points) June 26th, 2009

I know it’s not just when @peedub has a thread, but how often exactly do they make them? The current ones are just getting relatively old, and I’m wondering how long we’ll have to wait to put some new ones in the mix. Not sure if this is something I should PM the mods about or not. Thanks!

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Some new ones were added no so very many months ago.

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Really? It doesn’t really seem so. It just seems I’m seeing “Let’s be friends”, etc. way too often now. Maybe it’s just me.

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@mangeons…PM a mod? That’s too funny. Can’t you just scream down the hall?

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Are you referring to my relation to @augustlan, @whatthefluther? If you are, in that case, I’m not living with her at the moment. ; )

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they were updated within the last six months. check the older blog posts.

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@mangeons Did you run away from home?

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@mangeons….Sorry, didn’t know the particulars. Many apologies.
once again bit by the big “assume” rule….will I ever learn

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Here is a link to Andrew’s question about updating greetings for the site.

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My kids live with their father mainly… though they were here all week, they went back to his house last night. It’s all good. :)

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@whatthefluther It’s no big deal, I’m just at my dad’s house right now. ; )

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@mangeons….I lurve the new avatar!!!

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@whatthefluther Thanks, I’m lurving it too. =)

Thanks for the link, @Bluefreedom. =)

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@mangeons I am sorry to have teased without know the particulars also. Please forgive?

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Yes, all is forgiven. I’m usually there every other weekend, we’re occasionally there for a week though. =)

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So… this means those greetings weren’t just for me? Somehow, they seem less genuine, now! ;-)

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the mods and founders have nothing to do with the greetings. It’s all Dr. J‘s doing.

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