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Musicians, what song(s) are you currently learning, and for what instrument (vocalists welcome!)?

Asked by Grisaille (12043points) June 27th, 2009


Tight Trite Night (Andy McKee Version) – Guitar

Trilogie (Antoine Dufour) – Guitar

9 Crimes (Damien Rice) – Guitar and Vocals

Whadda ‘bout you folks? Learning anything in particular, or working on the next big hit? :]

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Roadside (Rise Against) -Guitar not too good for a beginner like myself and Vocals I would say I’m pretty good :)

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Just adding a few new numbers to my repertoir, which is something I do whenever I hear a song and it strikes me as something interesting. The next additions will be “Ironic” by Alanis Morissette and “Jumping Jack Flash” by the Stones.

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Number of the beast.
Welcome home sanitarium .
Entrails ripped from a virgins c*nt .
All on guitar , but during playing these i break out into some Black dog , and some childrens songs for my girls .

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Song 2
Time Is Running Out

I’m learning them all on drums, but most of the people I am playing them with are learning the vocals, bass, guitars and some synthesizer.

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New Born (Muse) guitar and piano
The Writhing South (Say Anything) guitar and vocals
Billy Jean (Michael Jackson) bass

I like a lot of the answers I’ve seen so far. I’m looking forward to finding some more inspiration from this.

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Day Tripper – The Beatles
I’m Beginning to See the Light – The Velvet Underground

Jerusalem (And Did Those Feet) – Poem by William Blake, with music by Sir Hubert Parry

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The theme from Xena on guitar.
Laugh, it’s okay!

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I just finished Exo-Politics by Muse on drums

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@Tink1113 That’s a fun one. It was one of the first ones I learned.

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Yeah I really liked it when I first heard it, I bet playing it on guitar would be challenging

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L’via L’viaquez is pretty interesting to play on guitar, as is Falling Down (one of my favorite songs). Never tried Exo-pol.

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Never heard of Exo-politics?!

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Never tried.


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Oh phew :)
I would like to play it on guitar but I’m currently learning another one. And if I try to, I’ll forget the other one

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Habanera from Carmen (vocals) for a charity concert I will be singing in.

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@Leanne1986 Wow! That ain’t easy!

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@loser tell me about it!!!

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half way through putting lithium by nirvana onto the piano… well it repeats a lot so all but this one part that just won’t work…
was trying the unforgiven by metallica on guitar… but im confused man… =)

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You know, I’d love to learn the bass line to the theme of the old US 70s cop comedy programme, Barney Miller. It’s just so utterly bad-ass. Listen to this guy play the whole thing.

A lot of 70s shows had really great jazzy theme tunes, didn’t they?

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