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What is some really "cool" design you have run into lately?

Asked by Bri_L (12211points) June 27th, 2009

“Cool” is left up to you so no one is allowed to put down other peoples stuff here. This is strictly opinion.

To that same end, please make this fun.

My recent find, even though I wouldn’t use it, was this

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I think this is a seriously cool design:

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@WhatEvil – now that is really cool! Imagine the precision!

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@Bri_L @WhatEvil Both of those are seriously sweet!

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@Bri_L and @WhatEvil those are pretty awesome!

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I agree, those are pretty neat. The girl moving the table around wasn’t too bad either. In fact, I saw her and was wondering what was so cool about her, besides the skirt. Then I saw the table. :-)

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This is the cleverest idea I have seen in donkey’s ages, and you know how high my standards are. (Skip over the Jackson news.)

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@gailcalled Beautiful and inspiring.

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@cyndihugs – wow that is amazing. I have essential tremors. All I see when I watch that is the impossible!

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@Bri_L That was awesome! Those were my thoughts too.

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Ok, the first one on this link is pretty cool!

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