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Would you arrest the man who killed Emmet Till?

Asked by hannah15 (12points) June 27th, 2009

Emmet Till was 14 years old when he was killed and the man who killed him wasn’t arrest for some reasons. so what would you do to him if he was alive?

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so what would you do to him if he was alive?
whose “him”?

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the man who killed Emmet Till maybe there were two .

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@hannah15 what was the man’s name?

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KILL him, deport him to the police and investigate..

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Roy Bryant and J.w. Milam

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The two men were acquitted. Thanks to our legal system, they admitted to the killings afterwards, and nothing could have legally been done to them. I’m shocked no one tortured them the way the killed Emmet.

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I would arrest them and give them a fair trial.

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I just read the article that @johnpowell posted and I’m really shocked that he didn’t get arrested or anything… I don’t know what I would do with him (them)

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If there was a suspect with reasonable cause to be arrested, he/she should definitely have been arrested. If the rule of law is to be valid, it must apply to everyone within the jurisdiction.

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They were arrested and tried. They were acquitted. The state should have appealed that decision and tried the case in front of a jury that was capable of rendering a just verdict, but it sounds like by the time the murderers spoke up the statute of limitations had passed and that was no longer a possibility.

Unfortunately this is inevitable with any law in any justice system. Sometimes it’s going to be applied incorrectly. Prohibiting double jeopardy is supposed to protect innocent people and it usually does—this is an exception.

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true “Just-us” requires that 10 guilty may go free In case 1 innocent suffers Karma composes compassion constantly

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