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When is a good ime to head for a NASCAR race?

Asked by Fred931 (9429points) June 27th, 2009 from iPhone

To be specific, I’m leaving for New Hampshire Motor Speedway tomorrow from a hotel 75 miles away off of US 3. The race starts at 1:30 Eastern time zone. Should I leave an hour before? two? Eight?

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Sorry, couldn’t resist!
Have fun!!!

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Waaaaaaaaaaaay before the race starts.

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Just as long as you’ve got enough time to suit up, get in the car, and mingle with your sponsors, you’re fine.

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I have no idea but I will add my two cents. I would show up really early and check what it looks like. If it is looking empty I would go grab some food and mess around.

That is what I do at shows.

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Nascar always means lots and lots of traffic so leave early. I live about an hour from the Monster Mile and I avoid getting anywhere near it when there’s a race on. Though the worst traffic is when the race lets out because it took a lot of them a couple weeks to get there (for the RV partying) but they all leave at the same time.

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@ru2bz46 what if it’s an electric train?

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Some people like NASCAR and still manage to be good people.
Insults are not warranted in response to an honest question.

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awright – I was teasing.


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Unfortunately, with the group I am traveling with, they aren’t willing to leave until 10. I really wish that they really liked NASCAR even a little.

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@applesaucemanny Electric trains are much quieter and eco-friendly, so they are not allowed near NASCAR tracks. Add 3 hours to get from the train station by harvester tractor.

By the way, I am kidding about the teeth; I love to watch the races, and I have all my teeth. However, I’m on the West coast and don’t know the area in question. :-)

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At 65 mph, it would take over an hour to get there, assume the rest of the hour delay for heavy traffic, so thats two hours. Leaving at 10 would give you enough travel time, depending on the traffic pattern. Some places, you would be sitting in the entrace line to the parking lot for another hour, but you could always get out of the car and walk to the seating area.

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NASCAR races draw hundreds of thousands of people, many of them driving RV’s. Get there early. Besides, the races are an all-day event. You don’t just show up for the race and then leave. It’s essentially a huge festival.

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I’d definitely get their earlier than you think you want to be there. There will be lots of vendor booths, displays, entertainment, etc. You can avoid the worst of the traffic and engage in all the pre-race activities to get pumped up for the race.

The bigger question is when to try to leave… I’d plan to just stay at the track for a couple of hours to avoid becoming homicidal in traffic.

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By the traffic I see when they come to Atlanta twice a year, as early as possible.

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tailgating before the race is the best part!!!

get there real early!
bring food, beer, corn hole, cards, a shade tent and chairs and camp out till the race starts. nearly everyone who is not camping there for the weekend will be doing the same.

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