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What's wrong with michael Jackson?

Asked by adri027 (1415points) February 21st, 2009 from iPhone

He’s so crazy! Why?? What happened to him?

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Frankly, I don’t think he ever had a chance. His childhood, and now adulthood, was and is completely screwy. I think we should be asking what didn’t happen instead of what did.

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banging chimpanzees and 12 yr olds tends to cause psychological issues.

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Well, he’s been branded a pedophile by some and that stigma alone would make anyone an extreme outcast. Secondly, his mannerisms are totally odd along with his ridiculous amount of plastic surgeries and alterations and those don’t say much for him either.

I don’t think anyone knows the exact reasons the way he is, except for him, and some things are probably better left unsaid in this case.

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@Bluefreedom “left unsaid” – you mean the banging monkeys? or you mean the man-child who serves “Jesus Juice” to tweens? or c) all of the above.

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The man has had it rough in the last few years, and the charges of him sexually abusing children never led to a conviction, but all in all, the dude is pretty odd, to put it mildly. I guess the line between genius and lunatic got crossed once too often, because the man was a musical genius in his day.

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@eponymoushipster. All of the above and then some. What a messed up life he has had.

@evelyns pet zebra. I would agree that he was an excellent singer and perfomer in his heyday but unfortunately, much of that was and is now overshadowed by so much turmoil and questionable activity in his life. It’s kind of sad, in my opinion.

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@Bluefreedom yeah – macauley culkin was a bad influence.

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He was horribly abused by his self-loathing, money-grubbing jackass of a father and passive, acquiescent mother and never got help for it.

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I still enjoy listening to his great music. His life makes for a tragic story. Very sad.

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Precisely what aprilsimnel said, plus when you have a huge amount of money and a recognizable face (in spite of or because of plastic surgery) it is very, very difficult to lead a normal life of any sort.

The whole skin thing doesn’t help, either (Vitiligo is now even called “the Michael Jackson Disease) and having Lupus will put a strain on anybody.

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Oh, except the song he did in Free Willy

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Not being allowed to become “M” in MIB drove him nuts.

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Come to think of it, the list of what is “not” wrong with him might be much shorter than the other way around…

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Here is my plan for Michael Jackson to make a comeback. I think it is the only thing that could work. What if he started to act normal, with emphasis on the word act? He could adopt a sports team and show up at games with a female companion. He could make a Christmas album. He could make an appearance on Sesame Street and make a public service television commercial for some worthy cause. It would be a good idea to allow his hair to frizz and to dress a little more conservatively. People would be so freaked out by the change that they would start paying attention, at least for a short term.

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i don’t profess to understand any of it…I don’t know all the ins and outs… suffice to say…he’s still human and still has feelings and i hope he finds peace.

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When I think about how his father would call him “n^#%$er nose” and lock him in dressing rooms between sets so he wouldn’t run around or beat him until he sang and danced the way Pop wanted him to? I want to take a ball-peen hammer to Joe Jackson’s head. I really do. He never got to play with other kids, aside from his siblings, and they were always rehearsing or performing or traveling or otherwise keeping the $$ machine going. That’s wrong, wrong, wrong! Just because Joe Jackson couldn’t make it as a musician doesn’t mean he was allowed to exploit his kids. Poor Michael wasn’t a child. He was a golden goose. And I’m not even a real fan of his music aside from Off The Wall.

I’ll bet he rues the day that his father figured out he was über-talented.

I mean, really, “n#%&$er nose”? Who gave MJ that nose? Way to make him proud to be black, arsehole.

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“Frankly, I don’t think he ever had a chance. His childhood, and now adulthood, was and is completely screwy. I think we should be asking what didn’t happen instead of what did.”

if it was true that his childhood is why he is so messed up, then why not the rest of his fairly large family?

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two words: La Toya

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@bristolbaby – As you say, it’s a big family. And in families so large, some people will get the brunt of it and some people won’t. Michael unfortunately did. I think several of them are screwed up, they’re just not as famous, so we don’t see it. LaToya? TOTES screwed up. Jermaine, Marlon and Jackie? Screwed up. Rebbie and Randy? Who knows? Janet? She’s a little woo-woo, I think. And Tito. Good Bob, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not screwed up just because America’s made fun of his name for 35 years.

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This is what is wrong with him.

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I don’t think he’s really as messed up as people think he is, but I agree with the first post..he’s never lived a “normal” life. Lots of child stars end up with a few screws loose later in life.

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I actually like his singing.

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Despite what anyone says about him, especially those fucking vultures in the press, I like Michaels’ music, and always have. Sure some of his songs are really emo and whiny, but look at Thriller, how can you not like that song/video? That is just the coolest shit.

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I’m totally with you on that one evelyns_pet_zebra.

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bristolbaby, you can’t think that the rest of the family isn’t screwed up. aprilsimnel put it very well. They are soooo screwed up, Michael just happens to be the Jackson family poster boy. Jermaine named one of his kids Jermajesty, that ain’t normal!!!

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Oh, and BTW, I totally recognize that Michael is an adult who is capable of getting help for himself and changing his behavior, even though it’d be a struggle. I’m sure if he’s like any damaged human being, something inside him has probably pleaded for help and he’s ignored it for many years. I can’t imagine that not even one person has told him he needs help.

It’s HIS lookout now.

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