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Is it possible to train a 6 yr old dog to use the bathroom inside like cats?

Asked by Steven0512 (529points) June 28th, 2009 from iPhone

He hates to go outside so it seems like if he could, he’d rather stay indoors.

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Yea you could train him , but it may take longer to do than if he was still a puppy .
I remember watching tv , where the owner watched for the dog to get ready he would then carry the dog outside .
You could scare the dog into peeing outside , when the dog is about to cock his leg , make a real bad noise or something . When the dog does pee outside praise him lots of treats and good doggy noises .

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We had a dog who would use the cat box when we weren’t around to let her out and she needed to go. It upset the cats greatly and meant we had to change the sand ASAP because she basically filled it up.

I am assuming this is a small dog, unlike ours, so why can’t you just pick it up and take it outside several times a day and praise it when it “does its business”?

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Phew for a second I read your question “Is it possible to train a 6yr old boy to use the bathroom inside like cats?”

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If he could, he’d apparently rather defecate anywhere he wants. This is not a good thing.

I agree with Darwin’s suggestion.

I also think that in order to successful, you may need to have your flooring treated professionally or change your carpeting if the dog has peed there a lot.

I would also consider crating the dog when you are not home or closing him in a small area with linoleum or tile for flooring like the bathroom.

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I think you probably can, depending on the dog, but I certainly wouldn’t want to. I don’t live with cats in my house, but I do remember the smell of their litter box. In my opinion, dog poop is MUCH smellier than cat poop, and I wouldn’t want it in my house, even for a second. If you house broke the dog, I’m sure you remember how you’d know the instant he had an accident because the entire room and adjacent rooms would smell up to high heaven. That isn’t the case with cats. I’d consider just installing a doggy door rather than house training the dog.

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