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Do you think there is an end to the universe?

Asked by Ansible1 (4836points) June 28th, 2009

If you go far enough out there is there some sort of barrier? or does it somehow loop to the other side? what are your thoughts?

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No there is no end. It is infinite.

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True that! Infinite!

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Our perception of the universe is so limited that with our current knowledge it is impossible for us to even speculate with any degree of accuracy. What if we only have a limited understand of the concept of infinity?

So more to the question… is there and end to the universe?
Not one that we’ve found yet.

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Empiric evidence seems to rule out a big crunch, but some people still argue that the universe is dying. Stars won’t shine forever. Black holes vaporize. No energy, no complex structures, no life. Entropy killing the universe. Unless… some new phenomenon might counter dark energy at some point in the future. Who knows…

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If you mean a time when the universe will end, then no… you cannot destroy mass. You can certainly change is up a bunch, though! If you mean does the universe go on forever in terms of space, then I don’t know. I know that conventional wisdom is that it is infinite, but if it isn’t, then I think that it is contained within something else (refer to my earlier answer on why it is something rather than nothing… I don’t think nothing exists).

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it just goes on growing, getting bigger and bigger, continuously pushing the borders outwards…...

how do i know this?......-)

and what’s beyond the borders?..

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The universe is finite, which is comforting to me as I often can’t remember where I’ve left things.

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i would hate to go off in one direction and eventually come back again to some place i’d been before and really didn’t want to return to…...


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like a vacation to Disneyland?

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i meant the earth! we have made such a mess of it…but i am sure space travel is as pleasant as going round disneyland….

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Evelyn once told me what one would find at the extreme edge of the universe, and since she has been there, I don’t doubt her word, but it is just so darn unlikely that I don’t dare repeat it here. If you see her, you can ask her yourself. Evelyn loves to share her knowledge of the universe, and all its wacky inhabitants. although she says humans are pretty strange in their own right, and even more bizarre than 98 legged Heblub-Skaggs of Alpha Granola V..

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I like the theory that the Universe is closed. To see how this might be, consider a two dimensional universe on the surface of a sphere. This universe is closed but has no boundary. It has been speculated that our Universe may be analogous to the three dimensional surface of a four dimensional object.

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What about the multi-verse theory? That we occupy only one universe of many

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@juwhite1 – Some theories suggest that protons do decay. What do you mean exactly by mass that cannot be destroyed. Our sun ‘destroys’ mass all the time and converts it into energy.

@Ansible1 – A multiverse might exist, but it’s still highly speculative.

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@mattbrowne – It is a law of physics that mass can neither be created or destroyed. The theory of relativity states that mass and energy are equivalent. I try not to argue too much with Einstein on matters of physics, but I’m open to the idea that maybe some day in the future, we will learn that Einstein was wrong. In the mean time, it does explain why mass can be transformed to energy and vice versa, but can never be destroyed (nor can energy for that matter).

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@juwhite1 I would have agreed with you until 3 weeks ago, when I heard about some physics experiments with anti-matter that proves you wrong.

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@filmfann – Any details on that? I’m interested in reading the research. Thanks!

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@juwhite1 This isn’t the article I saw, but I think it’s from the same group.

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@juwhite1 – You are correct if you interpret the word ‘destroy’ in a particular way. Of course mass and energy are equivalent. We might end up with a universe though, which contains energy only.

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