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Did you buy anything that Billy Mays was selling when he was alive?

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I just saw that he died. Nope- I am sorry to say that his sales pitch only convinced me to change the channel.

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Nope his beard freaked me out

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He died???

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I just read the story! Unreal. He was so young!

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I’m more upset about this, than Michael Jacksons death :( :(

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Has anybody checked on Anthony Sullivan and Ron Popeil?

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@AstroChuck, you think they killed him? I never DID trust that Ron Popeil. “Set it and Forget it”? Bull!!!

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No! He was so loud!

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@AstroChuck – Ron Popeil has been dead for 13 years. You’ve just been seeing the Ron Popeil “Ron Popeil So Real!” So real, no one will notice!

As for Billy Mays I saw he and his wife interviewed and they honestly used what he promotes.

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@Bri_L- My God! That leaves only Anthony Sullivan. Somebody send the police over there to protect him!

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my mom has used oxi clean and it worked as advertised. I never had the urge to buy anything he pitched but I thought he was fun to watch.

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Did he sell one of those miracle stain removers? If he did then I have bought one of his products. The problem was that along with the stains, it removed the color from my carpet.

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Nope… I typically don’t buy things from people who are yelling at me… or from infomercials.

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I have an irrational hatred for all the products he shouted about, because he shouted about him. As I said on Twitter, I AM NOT SAD ABOUT HIS DEATH, BUT I WILL HONOR HIS MEMORY WITH CAPS, BECAUSE THAT IS HOW HE SPOKE.

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Oxyclean, once. It worked wonders on dirty shoe laces. Thank you Billy Mays

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Walter Cronkite’s very ill now, too, and is not expected to recover. :(

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This is starting out as the Summer of Celebrity Deaths.

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@chyna For serious. It’s kinda scary.

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@chyna and @chelseababyy I’ll bet Patrick Swayze is a nervous wreck right now.

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@SuperMouse I forgot that he was sick. His death would really break my heart.

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@SuperMouse Poor Patrick Swayze, he’s so awesome.

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No but I had to google him just now to even know who he was. I still don’t miss TV.

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I use OxyClean all the time, but I never bought it from him. Only started buying it after it was available in every grocery store.

Apparently, though he was obnoxious on screen, he was a quiet guy in real life.

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I bought the putty stuff he sells. I swear by it. It does everything he says.

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@SirBailey Really, because I couldn’t get it to work. I must have used it incorrectly.

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You have to mix it enough. It smells like heck until it hardens. I have it holding up a towel rack, sealing a water pipe leak, even attaching a handle to an old oven door. I would definitely buy it again but you get enough to last awhile.

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I actually was ticked off with it and threw it away.

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I’m hearing that people think it’s probably a subdural hematoma from his bumpy US Air plane ride yesterday. How awful. And how some spokesbot at the FAA said, “Well, he didn’t have his seat belt on.” I thought, Yeah, but if something fell and hit you on the head, what does a seat belt have to do with it? And then the spokesbot took it back.

I smell wrongful death lawsuit.

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It’s a shame. I’ll miss the excellent show, Pitchmen on Discovery Channel.

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@AstroChuck i watched that show once, it was the worst hour of my life. Yet for some reason, i was unable to change the channel. Kind of like that whole train wreck thing.

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I think it’s hilarious. Some of the shit they come up with…

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I bought that wood floor cleaning system from him. I found it interesting that the phone was first answered by a pitch for another product, and the order taker tried to upsell yet another product. I held to my guns and only ordered what I called for in the first place. It works just like he said it would.

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It just won’t be the same watching television at 2 a.m. and not being yelled at about all the benefits of Oxyclean and a half dozen other products I’ll never want or need. RIP Billy.

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my mum bought oxyclean, but couldn’t really credit the purchase to billy mays. she bought it to remove stains, but not because he screamed at her to do it.

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