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How much should we expect to spend in Vegas?

Asked by lindsayv13 (3points) June 29th, 2009

My husband and I are going to Vegas for 4 days leaving next week. Our flights, hotel and shows are already paid for. We plan on doing a little gambling and we will be going to Tao on Saturday night and are on the vip guest list for a special event there so we pay no cover charge. What is a reasonable amount of spending money per day?

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The question is better stated “How much should we expect to lose in Vegas”.

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Welcome to the collective. This is a tough question to answer, because it depends very much on what you like to do and how you are about money.

Are you planning to gamble? Do you have a set amount you will spend on that each day? Can you hold to that budget?

If you are high rollers, you can get your food and drinks comped.

If you are not, food costs depend on your tastes. if you are looking for top of the line, an example is Joel Robuchon’s at the Mansion, which has a prix fixe six-course tasting menu for $250 or a la carte entrees averaging $250 each. If you are more concerned about value, you can get award-winning Mexican food for $12 at plate at Garduo’s.

Are you planning on doing a lot of shopping?

You can have a great time in Las Vegas on all levels of budget. Have fun.

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We are planning on $100/ day gambling which will mostly be my husband. I’m not much of a fan. Like I said, shows are paid for already. Our first night there we are eating at Batistas and at Mesa Grill one night as well. Rest of the time will be cheap to average meals.

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Last time I spend $1 on gambling (tried it once for fun) and between $6 and $9 per person on great meals (especially breakfasts). Meals are subsidized by the casinos. So if you don’t gamble you can save big time.

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If you plan on going to the Las Vegas Outlet Center you can plan on spending $40 at the magic pens kiosk on our family Magic pens gift Pack for your kids. :)

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