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Where to stay in Maine in June?

Asked by bpeoples (2551points) June 30th, 2009

We’re starting to explore staying in Maine for a long weekend (or more…) beginning of June.

We like the ocean (looking at it anyway).

Is the beginning of June a good time to go? Would another time be better? Where to look for places to stay?

I’ve started doing some internet searches, but I’m looking for people’s personal experiences in what nice places are to stay =)

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You can’t go wrong almost anywhere along the ocean in Maine. Camden, Boothday Harbor, Rockland and Bar Harbor are all fabulous mid-coast towns. Portland is a small but very nice city. i’ve ehar Oganquit is nice but haven’t stayed there myself. All of them have good seafood restaurants and great boat excursions ans scenery. There are great B&B’s in each of them.

Early June will be before the “main” tourist season so it should be a little less crowded. Might be chilly at night but then Maine often is and that’s part of what’s nice about it. Just check and make sure it’s not black fly season; I’m not exactly sure if Maine has one but I think they do.

As you can see, I am a Maine enthusiast. We go up to Acadia every year – if you like hiking, that’s a great place to go.

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I have spent a portion of every summer of my life in Maine. It’s a very big state with lots of places to go. If you’d like to stay on the coast I’d recommend that you start in the Kennebunkport area. It’s not too far in and it’s really nice with beaches and a town with lots of shops. My family goes to Goose Rocks Beach. It’s nice and protected and great for small children, as there are no huge crashers hitting the beach. Nice medium sized waves. The community there is very nice and cozy. On rainy days it’s close enough to head up to Freeport for LLBean and outlet shopping. Portland isn’t too far either. You can head up there and take the Casco Bay mail boat run and see all the islands out in the bay while they deliver the mail. Kittery has plenty of outlets just in case you need to go shopping. =)

June is a little early to go if you’re going to go in the water. It never really gets warm enough to go in but there are plenty of brave souls—mostly kids. Other than swimming, early June is a nice time to go because there aren’t that many people yet, as their kids are still in school.

If you’d like to head further up the coast, you can see Bar Harbor, Boothbay, Rockland, Rockport, Pemaquid, Popham Beach… the list goes on and on. I know the most about Kennebunkport but if you have any questions about the other places let me know and I’ll get you more information. I’ve been to all those places and more. There are also plenty of gorgeous inland lakes if you’re interested in that. (Belgrade Lakes near Augusta) Good luck, Maine is gorgeous, The Way Life Should Be.

—Unfortunately, I have to head out to get my 30,000 mile, $30,000 dollar service on my car and can’t type more. When I get back I’ll add what I can.—

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I love the totally quaint Boothbay Harbor.

I also loved the long weekend I spent in Bar Harbor exploring Acadia National Park.

It’s hard to go wrong really.

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Isn’t June over today? The lakes of Maine and the mts. are also beautiful.

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gailcalled, June is over today, but I’m starting to plan for next year =)

We’re more ocean & shore people than mountain & lake people, but would consider it—anywhere you’d suggest specifically?

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@bpeoples: The first two answers cover it nicely. I went to camp in Maine for years, near Norway and Denmark, ME. and loved everything about it. The water was always freezing cold, even in high summer.

Speaking of high summer, the tourist areas will be crawling with tourists. June might be a better month to avoid the mob scenes, but as I said, the ocean will be really cold.

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My feeling is you can’t really get in the ocean any time during the year in Maine – doesn’t usually get more than 55–60 but you can find lakes and ponds near the shore if you want to swim.

See my answer above and row’s for coastal towns.

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Go to Goose Rocks Beach. It’s a small, 1 pump town and the beach is beautiful. You can rent a house a few steps from the beach, and I my family and I went there from 2000–2006, every summer. You can also drive into Kennebunkport for a nice evening.

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@Mtl_zack Wonder if we’ve ever run into each other. My parents started going to Goose Rocks before I was born and we’ve been every year since. Now an aunt and uncle have a house close by so I’ve been up there 3 or 4 times this summer already.

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@row4food That’s so weird. We rented different places different years, but the one that was the best had a barn where we would eat dinner with friends. It was perpendicular to the beach, right near the hotel.

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