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Does any one know how I can fix my SD card slot reader?

Asked by Glow (1366points) June 30th, 2009

I have a gateway 4540gz. It used to work, but suddenly, it just does not recognize SD cards anymore. When I put one in, it makes this double/triple chime (ding ding ding) instead the one ding dong. When I check under my computer, its not there. The SD card is fine, its the reader.

I tried installing a driver from the gateway website (… ) and I tried uninstalling it from safe mode and letting it reinstall itself, but nothings didnt worked.

Is my reader broken???? IS there no way to fix this besdies buying a USB sd card reader?

Help please? :/

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The only thing I can think of is either something is lodged in there or it is broken.

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Possibly there is a drive letter conflict? You can manually assign a different drive letter if this is the case.

Right Click on My Computer and choose Manage
Choose Disk Management
If you can see the memory card listed in the disks, right click on it and choose Assign Drive letter. Pick a letter that is not already in use by another device.

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@Daethian – I did what you wrote, but I did not see the my memory card reader listed in the disks :/

Perhaps that is the problem???

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It’s not recognizing the card then. Have you tried the card in another computer?

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Yup. it works just fine in other computers. Just not mine.

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So your card is good.
Now the question is: is the reader bad or is there just some sort of conflict causing your computer to not recognize this card? Do you have another card you can try in your computer?

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