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Ebay- is it the recession or me?

Asked by trailsillustrated (16789points) June 30th, 2009

I’m listing some stuff on ebay for a friend. A couple things I put on there are valuble because I did the research and know what they are worth. I’m brand new with no feed back or stars or anything. They got no bids!! but the franklin mint junk got lots of bids. So should I tell her to put the valuble items with a dealer (who will take 34–40%) or to list them in the newspaper? I don’t want to be bothered, really anymore, she’s offered me 10%, so far I’ve made a whopping 10$. I’m fine with that, but what with answering all these emails from buttpickers and packaging and posting I would say each thing is taking me about an hour start to finish. What’s a fair percentage to ask for selling someone’s stuff on ebay? Would she be better off taking the antiques to a dealer? THANKS

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People need to have money to spend money, and most people just don’t have money right now. But it really helps if you have at least a few feedback points, you can try buying a bunch of really cheap things on eBay to build up your feedback score.

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I don’t buy from anyone that dosent have a ton of postive feedback.

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I wouldn’t buy from anyone with a 0 feedback rating either. You need to establish yourself as someone who’s an honest person by completing transactions on the buyer side before I’ll consider sending you any money.

I also would never buy from someone with your particular writing style (ie, inconsistent capitalization and punctuation, run-on and fragmented sentences, etc). It looks unprofessional to me, and anyone I’m going to do business with has to at least present him/herself as a professional.

That’s assuming, of course, that you wrote your eBay listings the same way you wrote this Fluther question

Why isn’t this friend just putting the items on eBay herself, and saving herself the annoyance and cost of a middle man?

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my listing style is entirely different than my postings here..and as far as why dunno ill ask her. thanx 4 your help. : )

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Try Bonanzle

It is free and very easy to list with small final fees for sales. It was started by a couple of really smart guys (sound familiar?) and is known for unique inventory and stuff that is hard to find. I have found several pieces to purchase as studio props there that I could not find on eBay.

On a side note- eBay seems to be trying very hard to become Amazon. They have pushed out most of the little sellers that offer the coolest stuff. (It seems Bonanzle has found them though)

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People will definitely hesitate to buy from any one with 0 star ranking in e-bay specially at the moment, where money is harder to get than ever.

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Being a new buyer with no feedback is your first hurdle.
Ebay is flooded with sellers and it’s not easy to sell there unless you have a store. As an individual selling things from time to time I have found Ebay to be a waste of time and money.

You can sell Vintage items for free on Artfire. I sell there and would give you my referal link but I’m sure it would be taken down.

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Try to post your items on craigslist if you are in US or Canada. Its free and a lot of people look for stuff in there all the time.

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Thanks- I ended up taking off the items that werent selling- but I ended up doing well with my auction (so there mr. cat lady) my feedback’s 100%, I’m still throwin stuff on there, and some other sites, thanks everybody so much for the tips!

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