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Car insurance question?

Asked by willbrawn (6614points) June 30th, 2009 from iPhone

I got in an accident a few week back. No car was totalled. My front end was damaged a bit and the person I hits rear was busted. Mostly the bumper though. I paid around 150 for Insurance. Now it’s more than doubled. Is that normal?

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Look around for another company. See what you would be charged. Most insurance companies give a safe-driver discount, and when you have a claim, the discount is removed, therefore higher payments.

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I had an accident last month and my car was also totaled. I was told by my insurance company my rates would automatically go up. I am in my mid fifties and have never had an accident or even a traffic ticket before…...... there was no break for me. I have AAA. Don’t know if this is typical of other companies, but, I have heard others say they have experienced the same thing.

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It is normal for insurance to go up with an accident, but that sounds excessive. I would shop around and at least price other companies.

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Mine went up when I was in a fender bender. My fender was bent, hers wasn’t at the time of the police report. She filed a report 2 months later saying she had damage and sued my ins. company. They didnt want to investigate it, they just paid it because “it’s cheaper to do it this way.” Yes, because they pass the claim paid out back on the insured. She was also at fault. I looked around and got a much cheaper insurance rate with AIG who was bought out by American. It makes my head spin.

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I have a company that offers accident forgiveness. Every year I go without an at-fault accident, they drop my deductible $100. Two more years accident free and my deductible will be zero. does no deductible happy dance.

There are enough insurance companies around to comparison shop, and some places specialize in giving you decent rates even if you are high risk. Local companies are sometimes better than the big chains. It pays to shop around, and to talk to other people who might have suggestions for you.

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Typically speaking an accident is seen as an accident. If the cost to repair the car is below $200 (as in fender benders) you should avoid informing your insurance because it probably go up.

However, there are companies out there that base how much your insurance goes up on the cost of the actual repair. I believe Progressive and General Causulties are like that, you might look into it.

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