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How long will nail polish last if unopened?

Asked by Daethian (334points) June 30th, 2009

I want to buy an extra bottle or two of my favorite color in case it’s discontinued (always happens to me!) but I am not sure how long it will keep if unopened.

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It keeps longer in the fridge. I’d say at least a year.

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The ‘shelf life’ is supposedly about 2 years. I have seen nail polish older than 5 years that was still useable.

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The open bottle lasted nearly 2 years actually! I hadn’t really thought about that.

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A LOONNNGGG time. If it is a little thick you can put a little nail polish remover in it if you are obsessed with the color and it is discontinued or something upsetting like that.

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a long time. but do yourself a favor and stop wearing nail polish.

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I have a bottle that must be ten years old. I use it for marking keys, plant labels, and the like.

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