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Would you change your profile picture if Fluther supported larger image sizes?

Asked by Grisaille (12048points) June 30th, 2009

I would, to a picture of myself. I tried with a few, but all of them get all bunchy and I turn out looking like a Buddhist Monk, sadly.

I’d like to have a face to my words, but I can’t seem to have a good picture that supports such a teeny little window.

I’d be awesome if Fluther pulled a Twitter and allowed users to expand a profile picture if you clicked on ‘em.

EDIT: Oh, and what would you change it to?

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no – I use this avatar all over

but my photo is on Fluther’s PhotoBucket album

(Yay for cut and paste on the new iPhone!)

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You can expand photos. Just right click, say “Open in new tab” and remove the “_thumb” (sans quotations) from the end of the file.

Like this

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@dverhey beat me to it. :)

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You’re a genius. All of ya.


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Johnpowell’s, or should I say Phoenyx’s is easier.

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Or, right click > properties, copy image location, and do what @dverhey said.

Yep, gotcha.

Still not very user friendly, though :[

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Well, I like my current one, but I’m pretty much always going to support the whole “larger avatar” thing. I have probably over 50 possible avatars (not counting the ones I’ve used before and on other sites). Half of them I don’t want to use because they don’t look good this small. It doesn’t need to be much bigger, but just a little bit bigger would be nice. A lot of my avatars don’t look that great full size, but 100×100 pixels might be a good idea.

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But now… I kinda don’t wanna change my picture. It’s become a part of me :[

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I changed mine for a little while, and when I brought this one back it seemed like I got a few comments like “Oh, wow. I like that avatar better”. It made me feel noticed…

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I’m still new-ish and relatively unknown, so I don’t think that’d be a big deal.

To change or not to change…

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I thought I was too…

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I find the photos of not much importance in comparison to what people have to say.

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@Grisaille I saved phoenyx’s program in my favorites and just click on it when I want to see someone’s avatar. Pretty quick and simple.

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With the default ones that lots of people use I just got in the habit of always reading names. So it isn’t a big deal if someone changes it to me.

After thinking someone was arguing with themselves and being totally confused I check the names now.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic Very true, but I take a quick glance over to their profile picture, just to know who is responding and if I know them or not. Some people, like AstroChuck, generally have fantastic/hilarious answers to nearly everything. A profile picture is nothing more than an identification tool – for me, at least.

Obviously, after the glance-over, I check the name.

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It’d be nice to have bigger ones, but I’m ok with the tiny ones

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I wouldn’t, I just want all my penguins to come out

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Pictures of yourself are overrated.

Had to go with humor.

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…Aaaaaand, that was incredibly pretentious sounding on my part. Sorry, didn’t mean it that way. I needsta learn me some tact.

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Yeah, fluther actually supports huge files for our avatars. If you use either of the tricks already mentioned to view mine, you can see an example. It’s ginormous; I was really surprised it loaded.I <3 fluther!

Grisaille's avatar

@hearkat You know, flippin’ through the album… I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that Fluther has perhaps the most attractive community on the interwebs.

@Chica Woah, that is pretty big… haha.

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I would keep my current avatar no matter wht. I know what Gracie looks like, but it might be nice for others to see her better (if they want).

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Aww, she looks like a Gracie. :)

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No. People I want to know what I look like will find out by other means. After an experience of web trolls clipping pics of me and friends to make imposter accounts of us on a previous site, I decided to go very low key for fluther.

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@hungryhungryhortence – by the way, what is with that third eye on the tip of your nose?

hungryhungryhortence's avatar

@Bri_L: I’m going to guess it’s an open mouth rage scowl. A friend designed this jelly to use on fluther for April Fool’s Day 2009 and then gave it to me to use as my avatar.

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@hungryhungryhortence – I was joking about your statement “People I want to know what I look like will find out by other means.”

But I love your icon!

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I like my avatar, I have no intentions of changing it (I personally dislike people who randomly change their avatar, I then think they are someone new. Other than Blondesjon and Jonsblond. They are allowed)

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@casheroo …You aren’t gonna hit me or anything, right?

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I was just checking out avatars of users here using @johnpowell‘s link. Amazing… I’m seeing things in such detail (eg @Facade‘s husband digging his nose)!

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@Grisaille The cat in your avatar looks exactly like one of mine. :)

I’m pretty much always going to use this avatar, or a variation thereof. I’ve used my picture once, briefly, for a thread on what we look like.

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@Saturated_Brain :: That is some funny stuff.

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@augustlan I’d love to see that thread :]

And it is your cat. I tried to steal him/her, but he/she wasn’t takin’ it. That civil disobedience is a powerful thing.

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Ah, was this what you were referring to?

I totally wanna do another one. Or mayhaps include it in an upcoming “Fluther Social Experiment”... hmm…

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I’m happy with my avatar at the moment but I would definitely support the idea of a larger avatar. There have been several that I wanted to use in the past but didn’t because you couldn’t tell what was in the picture. In fact, I tried a photo of Baby (my current avatar) in a bikini and cowboy hat but once I uploaded it for my avatar the cowboy hat was cutoff. (like it is now) :(

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