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Who knows of a good hair product?

Asked by vegelizabeth (723points) July 1st, 2009

I need a hair product that will “defriz” my hair so to speak. I just got a perm and bought Curls Rock Amplifier by TIGI ( ) it works, however, leaves my hair frizzy. So I’m thinking about trying something new. any suggestions?

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I really like Super Skinny for de-frizzing. That said, it’s possible that it would smooth your hair too much, and leave you curl-less.

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I use this stuff. It’s sort of expensive to buy it all the time, but I only use it in the summer, so it’s not that bad. I think it’s only sold at Sally’s, too.

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@ubersiren – that looks great ! i’m going to try it, i have a sally’s near by and go quite a bit. thank you !~

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Go here and scroll down to the Coconut Curl Spray.
yes, I know this site is mainly for hair such as mine, but try it
They also have neat little samples. I usually get my products in about three days. Bonne chance!

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@facade- that looks exactly like what i am looking for ! thanks so much :)

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glad to help :)

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Secret Weapon by Frizz-Ease works very well. And it smells good too which is a bonus :) And another bonus is it does not leave your hair looking greasy.

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