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Is The Daily Show, as funny as it was since Obama was elected?

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Well it’s hard to top the comedy Dubya provided, I think they’re doing a great job with what was handed to them.

We gotta remember, Obama’s another politician. And the mythos surrounding him and all of the utter Obamanites’ devotion is a barrel ‘o comedy.

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I think he was just held to a higher standard when Bush was there. Now he just can’t be as funny, right? I mean with Bush, it was so easy.

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Daily Show? That’s debatable; as @boots said, he’s doing the best with what he has. Very admirable, and still quite funny.

The Colbert Report, on the other hand, never loses it’s charm or rhythm. :]

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I think so. Not all of their segments are winners, but it’s still just as enjoyable on a nightly basis as it ever was.

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I still love the monologue most nights.

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i love jon stewart more and more every time i watch that clip jp.

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@uberbatman I enjoyed the Cramer smack-down a bit better, though the Crossfire debacle was great.

Don’t get me started on Stephen “Titanium Nuts” Colbert and his White House Correspondence Dinner Speech.

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I agree with @boots that GW sort of made his own comic gravy. But I think Jon Stewart is just as funny. I think in some ways he’s funnier because he actually has the balls to make fun of Obama when a lot of media is too busy praising him and covering his fast food trips, picnics, and pets.

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It can never be as good b/c GWB is a f-in joke of itself but Stewart still rocks.

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