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How would you call your studio ?

Asked by Fhuel (2points) July 2nd, 2009

Immagine you’re ready to start your own studio, in company with your friends, how would you call it ?
We work in graphic and multimedia design, but, as you probably already guessed, we’re not english mother language… we’d like some nice, clever name…

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How about

Fhuel Designs

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All Id No Ego (someone once described my personality as this and I always wanted to start a club night with that name, maybe I still will one day)

Dalliance (a nice word)

The [insert town you live in] Collective (always a winner)

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In Good Company

Just for future reference, it’s “What would you call your studio?” instead of “How”.

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“We give your ideas the fhuel they need.”

That’s all I’ve got, and it’s more of a motto.

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thank you guys, I like your ideas…
I like the “Dot2Dot” one maybe more than others…
RareDenver, what does “Dalliance” means ?
Something thatn is written the same both in english and italian would be great… I think of words coming from latin I guess…. Like “plasma”, “dilemma” etc…

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A dalliance is a brief meeting I guess or short time doing something

Dalliance on

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two photostudio/cinema names that may work and come from Latin:


ok something English that has to do with colour and comes from Latin: Colorado lol.

You could play with that if you like the idea and make something like color-adoo or whatever, depends on whether you are trying to present something wacky, trendy, serious, cheap, fast, friendly, efficient, serious, well-organised, creative…what is your selling point?

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