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Where do they get skateboarding tricks' names from?

Asked by Tink (8673points) July 2nd, 2009 from iPhone

Are they named after the people who invent them? I always wondered that, even though I’ve been skating for a while now

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Well, stuff like ollie was just made up. Same with bluntslide.

But stuff like kickflip is more obvious.

But a lot of stuff is a combination of of other things. I was good at doing a fakie inside heelflip varial.

“fakie” off the nose (not switch)
“inside” Basically frontside
“heelflip” you use your heel to flip the board over
“varial” rotate the board 180 degrees horizontally.

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@johnpowell That sounds like the “Volkar Whatever Flip”
Anyone know where the “Daffy” comes from?

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The “daffy” comes from the 80’s and banana boards. Please ignore it.

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Hehe ok

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Aside from the basics, a lot of them are named after their inventors.

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Or sometimes they are named by their inventors.

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@Ivan Yeah I thought that but some names are really dumb

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Named for the inventors favorite brand of excessively tight pants.

But mostly what johnpowell said.

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ooo tight :)

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Some tricks are named after the inventors. Like the halfcab, that is named after Steve Caballero.

But you have others like like Jason Lee who is considered the father of the 360 flip.

(and yes, that is the guy from My Name is Earl. He started out as a professional skateboarder.)

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@ john powell all GA above. A stapler looks makes you and your board look like a desktop stapler. An impossible is called that because its very hard. A K-grind also called a crooked grind is one truck grinding a ledge or coping and the truck is at an angle to the coping resembling a K. Christ airs are named because you shoot out of a vert ramp grab your board and hold your arms out like jesus on the cross before getting back on the board and landing into the vert ramp. Grind are called grinds because of the grinding noise the trucks make on coping, ledges, edges to other things. 50–50 grinds means both trucks are grinding coping at the same time. Fingerflips mean you flip them with your finger. Miller flips were invented by Chris Miller. Caballerials which are backwards 360 degree ollies are named after Steve Caballero.

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I learned the “impossible” like a year ago, now it’s easy

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