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How can I do a podcast for free?

Asked by Blondesjon (33976points) July 2nd, 2009

I have all of the hardware I need to make the podcast. I need a website and an RSS feed. Where can I find the means to do this for free? Is it even possible?

If I can’t do it for free, what is the cheapest way I can go about it?

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Make a account.
Connect it to
Add content.
Write down the feedburner url.
(Now you have an RSS feed, the system podcasts use)

Register with iTunes(?)

With out registering in iTunes you can:
In iTunes click advanced, then subscribe to podcast, then enter the RSS feed url. (Tell your friends and give them a link (add + to the end to view statistics)). When you add say, a video, it will download in iTunes.

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Oooh. What are you going to podcast about? Will it be video, too, or just audio?

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Audio. There are a couple of us who are doing it. I am taking a challenge this weekend to record an hour by myself about the following topics.

Street Signs

That’s twelve minutes per topic without any silence. I promised my co-hosts 75% gold.

I’m thinking of giving them eighty.

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