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You're hungry and no food seems to be in the house. what do you cook with these items?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7807points) July 2nd, 2009

celery, frozen chicken pieces with a little freezer burn, pickles, left-over scallion for stir-fry cooked the other night, eggs, a corner of balsamic vinegar, last drop of olive oil, left-over scallops now frozen, alligator sausage from n’awlins, wayward can of beer that nobody will drink, half a green pepper, some tart European cheese from who knows where and a half bottle of Cabernet sauvignon?

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Do you have any rice?

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@Jeruba brown and white rice actually and some pasta too

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I bet there’s an onion too. And various kinds of seasonings, right? spices, herbs?

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@Jeruba oh wow. i feel like you are a fly on the wall in my kitchen… yes…

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And some butter?

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I go out for dinner.

Seriously, I mix the eggs, can of beer and some flour and salt for a batch of beer bread.
I slice up the sausage for an appetizer. These two are my first course.

Meanwhile, I saute the green pepper, chicken, scallops and celery in the olive oil, add the scallions for a few seconds, and pour in the balsamic vinegar.

After the main course, I enjoy the cheese and cabernet for dessert.

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Jambalaya a la Blondesjon, anyone?

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@Marina my thought process exactly. let’s be a team on the food network!

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@Blondesjon dude, i feel that too. look for me next year on food network challenge.

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I’d probably thaw the chicken pieces and cut them up and wok them along with the cut-up celery, onion, green pepper, and scallions and serve them over rice, white or brown. Maybe with some tarragon. While downing the cabernet just to loosen my stirring arm.

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@Jeruba butter is low. i must substitute with something else.

i am the type who believes in butter or olive oil and none of that “crock” margarine stuff that is actually one molecule from plastic

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@cc24 You are on, my friend. We will be the greatest team ever.

@bj Yes! Love my jambalaya. New Orleans: a city one can eat one’s way through. Oyster meffaletto. Five course all crawfish dinner. Who’s meeting me?

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@Marina . . .I’ll bring the beer and the appetite.

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@OMG, no you didnt say oyster muffaletto! you are my soulmate. i would eat it with you and pass out afterward…

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if you had american cheese, you could make some good cheesy eggs, those are delicious!

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@Marina and that’s without drinking a “hurricane.”

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It sounds like a jambalaya thingy to me with the sauteed chicken, veggies, scallops and sausage and any spices, and then mixed with the rice.

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@janbb yup. i’m going there…
are you my next food network arch enemy? ;)

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It sounds like Marina and Charliecompany34 are now Food Boos.

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@charliecompany34 Dueling saute pans??

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Saving the World, One Stomach at a Time

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you and me baby, next year?
was thisclose to grilling with bobby flay this year…

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@chyna well, you my boo too, chyna. thought you knew!

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Drink the beer and the wine. Pass out. Wake up for an omelet: eggs, cheese, scallion, green pepper and anything else that sounds good to you. See ya….wtf

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throw away the beer, drink the wine and fry the rest in a pan.

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@whatthefluther clever: just go to bed and make the eggs pop in the morning. love the suggestion!

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That sounds like a feast to me, especially since you admit to having rice. I would cook it all together except the wine, which I would save to drink with.

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i could cook for you any day. thanks…

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Checking my fridge… nothing as interesting as @charliecompany34.‘s Old cheese, old pepperoni, oh wait, potato salad. Um, no, there’s something green growing on it. Not hungry now.

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Wow, what an eclectic refrigerator. I’d mix’em all up and cry doctor.

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@charliecompany34 – You have all that around? And rice? That’s not “no food”!

Get back to us when all you’ve got is some government cheese and half a jar of peanut butter!~

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You could make quite a soup with all that.

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@aprilsimnel Lurve for reminding me of the times I was on Gov’t cheese.

Shit was hard as a brick and near impossible to slice.

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I’d make a frittata. Pretty much everything you mentioned can go in it. I’d leave the beer and wine out though.

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@aprilsimnel I remember the day I got stuck by the food stamp office because they were closed down when it was time for me to renew my allotment. The social worker actually came to the house and verified that I had only one can of peas in my house.

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Drink the wine and go shopping tomorrow. You’ll be fine ;)

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Don’t knock it ‘til you try it.

It went great with tea.

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@Grisaille When seeing that comment on Gov’t cheese, for a moment I thought you were talking about constipation. Then I finished the sentence. Then I slightly cringed.

Anyway, to answer the question, I suppose we could all just ask.. Will it blend?

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Pot pie. Skip the pickles. Use the chicken and sausage.

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N’Awlins it is! Anytime you have rice and beer, with anything remotely compatible, throw it together and call it Jambalaya!

I heard a story about the origin of Jambalaya when I was cooking in the Big Easy. It seems there was a roadhouse in Louisiana, the chef was closing for the night. A weary, hungry traveler came in, needed something to eat. The innkeeper shouted back to the chef, “Jean, balayez!” (not sure of the spelling), which meant, “Jean, throw something together!”

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@charliecompany34 So what did you end up making?

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@charliecompany34 : Yeah, let the peanut gallery know what you ended up doing and how it turned out.

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how about an omellette (sp?) with all those things? Or some kind of soup with all those things flavoring the broth? My mom used to call throwing things together “Pot Luck”.

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