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Whats the worst thing your siblings have done to you ?

Asked by GraceC (22points) July 3rd, 2009

for me it would probably be when my 2 older bro’s tied me to a tree in the garden and left me there all day, i was only 9 and they were 12 and 14.

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Ouch.. That’s harsh…

For me the worst they’ve ever done is to ask me why I had to cause my mom to cry so much after an argument (which really angered me because there were so many factors at play). Fortunately my mom solved that by telling them that it wasn’t my fault.

Besides that, the second-worst would probably be when my sister told me that the tighter t-shirts I wore almost made her want to puke.

Running closely behind would be when she then added on that I had nothing to show by wearing that tighter t-shirt.

Ooh… it hurts…

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I had an older brother that grabbed a plastic bucket with one of these in it and tossed it at my sister and I. To this day, those things scare the b’jeebus outta me.

The thing was the size of a babies arm!.

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Of course, my sister would probably have an interesting story to share about me…

Once when we were younger, we were playing together. I somehow had this bright idea that we would play tug of war, with her using her teeth and me using my hands.

I ended up pulling out one of her teeth..

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ouch that teeth tug of war must have hurt lol !!!

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Probably nothing, we were only my sister and I and we get along very well, we’ve never had a big fight or anything like that.

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oh thats nice i wish me and my siblings didnt fight x

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@jmah: Sweet Jesus. I’m so glad I’ve learned my internet lesson and just hover over links now, rather than click on them. Those things freak me out so much, I can’t even stomach a picture of one. Guh…

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@Les, Other insects don’t bother me. It’s just these—ugly as sin, crawling out from under coaches in damp basements at lightening speed, and hanging over top of your head on basement ceilings, and even when you try to kill them, those legs keep moving. Mama couldn’t even love that face.

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Probably the time they convinced me I was colourblind

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I’m the oldest, so they did nothing to me. However, one time I stuffed my sister into a large cardboard concrete tube and left her there. With her arms inside the tube, she had nothing to break her fall when she fell over. She landed on her nose. It’s still a bit crooked to this day.

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My brother broke my very first ever big-girl jewelry box by using it repeatedly to sit in when he slid down the slide. My sister somehow kept convincing my mother that I didn’t play with certain items anymore so my mother would give them to her (my Saucy Walker doll, my record player, my bicycle, and more).

Otherwise, we got along as well as brothers and sisters can, outside of some name calling and an occasional bruise.

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This is really awful, it took me a minute to decide whether I wanted to share it or not. One of my brothers took me into the back yard and banged my head against the brick wall.

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Not get born.
Those bastards!

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My older brother read my diary when I was 14. That was probably the emotionally worst thing.

When I was 16ish I realized one morning my contact solution was a slightly odd consistency and just seemed weird. I don’t remember how I found out, but it turns out he was mad at me and had poured rubbing alcohol in it.

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@SuperMouse: Ow! Was there a reason he did this or was he naturally violent?

I’m so glad I’m an only-child

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My little sister tripped my up when I was coming down the stairs (she was lied across them and wouldn’t let me past) I hen proceeded to fall down the stairslanding at the bottom with a bump where I had the privilage of having 2 ikes fall on top of me where upon the break handle cut my head open and I ended up with 3 stitches!!
However my little sister is a star and she has done more than enough things for me since then to make up for it!!!

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My brother would hold me down and cover my nose and mouth so I couldn’t breath, then right before I passed out he let go and let out a big nasty burp in my face so when I took that first gasp of air…well you get the picture.

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*sorry about the spelling I’m guessing the bump on the head caused more damage than expected :)

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My brother sharpened my pocket knife once without telling me. I went to show it off to a friend, and drew it across my palm to show how dull it was. It cut me like soft butter. My hand was bandaged for a couple of weeks.

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I think Simone wins. :(

My sisters are 15 and 17 years older than I am and both of them had kids at 16/17 and moved out, so my nieces and nephews were more like siblings to me than my actual siblings. And we were more like friends than relatives, so I don’t really have many complaints about them, either. My middle sister, though, decided to go to somebody else’s family reunion instead of my high school graduation. I was rather hurt by that…

The worst sibling story that I can think of in my whole family comes thanks to two of my father’s uncles. The brothers were supposed to be chopping wood and bringing it back inside. When they finished, one told the other to put his finger on the chopping block and he’d cut it off. And… he did.

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(Ansible1’s g/f) I was locked in my dogs cage for an extended period of time. and my sister put my pink leotard w/ tu tu on my dog and took him for a walk and he peed in it.

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My sister sucks at cruelty. I’m the more gifted one.
I used to beat the living shit out of her when I was nine and she was fourteen. I would chase her boyfriends out of the house and down the street with whatever weapon I had closest, walking cane, butcher knife. A time or two, I threatened her with it. I constantly aggravated the piss out of her and got her in trouble and made her the butt of every joke.
The worst thing she’s ever done to me….being a shitty sister. We are siblings. She totally sucked at it.

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