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Do or did you get along well with your siblings while you were a teenager?

Asked by GraceC (22points) July 3rd, 2009
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I once accidentally punched my sister in the face and then ran away and locked myself in my room. Other than that though, we got along great.

I think our relationship now as adults is much more strained than when we were younger.

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Me and my younger sister liked different things then. I’m more of an extrovert too. So, no. We did not get along when were younger. I think it was only when we both had families that we started being close. Now we’re the best of friends.

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I’m one of four, and I’m the baby. There is an 8 year difference between the 3rd youngest and I. So, when I was a teenager, they were all out of the house. They were busy with working, university and boyfriends/girlfriends. Not much time for their little Sis. I’m pretty close to all of them all now, though. When I was younger (preteen), being the baby, I got away with murder. :) Mom and Dad were both working, so, big Sis would take care of me. I was a bit babied then..

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My sister and I are a year and a half apart and have always been very close. We shared a room for 8 years, and I think that had a lot to do with the closeness as well.

I did not get along so well with my two younger brothers, though. My sister and I were significantly older than them (I was 6 when the first was born, 9 with the second), and though I got along much better with the youngest of the two (he has always been very sweet and not spoiled at all, which is rarely seen in a youngest child), I did not get along at all with the older one. We’ve gotten much better now that I have moved out, but from the age of 6 until 18 we were at each others throats.

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For the most part we have always got on very well, my brother and I. There was always the odd fight here and there but we were also each others allies groing up.

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My siblings are 7, 9, and 10 years younger than me. So when I was a teenager, I was more of the built-in babysitter than really one of them. It was always me and the three of them, not the four of us.

Now that we’re all older and are adults, we get along much better. (Though my brother likes to point out he still has a scar on his elbow from when I accidentally tossed him on our driveway….)

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No, we didn’t really talk during our teenage years. I was a freshman when he was a senior, and I had a lot of problems so my parents were preoccupied with that and my brother felt slighted. We never really mended it, but we do talk’s an awkward relationship.

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My younger sibs both have forms of autism. I’m the only “normal” child in the family, aside from my severe depression and PCOS. I’m the oldest, obviously.

I got along fine with my sister. My brother and I have been fighting since Day 1. It’s complicated and weird and although our relationship is better today, there is always room for improvement.

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I do not. My little sister acts like a baby, but she’s nine. My brothers just try to stay out of my way, and I do the same with them.

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I do now though

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I am five years older than my sister. We used to fight like cats and dogs. We were hateful and mean to each other, barely could stand to look at each other. Well, I mean, I probably felt that way about her starting when I was about 15 or so, she was just reacting to my meanness. I moved away from home when I was close to 19. I was gone for one night and called her the next night and asked her to come over and spend the night with me and we’ve been best friends ever since. I don’t know what happened, but I’m glad it happened.

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I’m 8 years older than my sister and my mother always put me in a caregiver role rather than one of a sister and we never evolved past that. We were also treated much much differently. I guess as a teenager I got along okay with her but we weren’t really friends and still aren’t.

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My brother is 4 years younger than me, and when we were kids we fought like little demons. I clearly remember the day he discovered he could kick my ass, and I had to change my battle tactics. He still has scars on his arms from when I’d dig my nails into him, and my bedroom door never closed properly from him trying to kick it in all the time. I remember pinning him down and spitting in his face, and I remember him getting me in a headlock. We also said terrible things to each other, trying to out-mean and out-nasty the other’s comments. Our parents mainly ignored all of this, though they did warn me a few times, “One of these days he’s going to be a lot bigger than you, and you’ll wish you’d been nicer to him.” They were right, of course, he was well over six feet tall by the time he graduated high school.

I don’t know why we hated each other so much, but when I went to college things gradually improved. By his junior and senior year of high school, we started to get along better. Now we have no troubles, but live so far apart that we don’t see much of each other. We talk often though, and when we do get to visit I enjoy seeing him.

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My brother and I got along very well as teenagers, although he was a popular musician and ladies’ man and I was the quintessential nerd and loner. My sister and I got along less so simply because as the two girls we ended up sharing a room a lot and we were frequently at opposite developmental stages.

I get along better with my sister now, in large part because we no longer share living quarters and because we both have our own interests and careers. I still get along fine with my brother but I need to be aware that his sense of time is very different from everyone else’s and that he tends to be a “grasshopper” while everyone else in the family are “ants” in the Aesopian sense.

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No. Not at all. It was a very hard time for my entire family. My sister and I were polar opposites. I was a great student, very social and a good girl. I wasn’t a huge rebel, I didn’t rock the boat. I think because I was afraid to add to my parent’s stress, it wasn’t always because I didn’t want to question things.

My sister was violent, a drunk, drug user and had a lot of other issues. She was also bipolar, undiagnosed. It must have been horrible for my sister to go through that; however, she did enjoy torturing me. She admits that she used to look for me, specifically because she felt that I could do no wrong. She would try to hurt me, often.

She finds it very ironic that she treated me the worst, but I was the one that never left her side. I never gave up – even when I said I was giving up.

She’s a huge part of my life, now. I love my sister, I always have.

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Sometimes. My sister was 4 years older and brother was 7 years older. My sister did not make friends easily, so she would glom on to my friends and insert herself into things that I was doing, which annoyed the crap out of me.
She event went to my junior prom with one of my friends…talk about weird.
She would borrow my stuff then bitch if I touched her’s.
She did not drive and wanted me to take her places. Blah blah blah.
I had hoped that as we grew up and became parents & wives we’d get along better, but we are estranged and I don’t think that’s going to change.

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By the time I was a teen, my siblings and I got along good. Me and my little sister more than my big though. She’s a bitch, what can I say.

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