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Health Insurance recommendations family of two 19yr olds?

Asked by patg7590 (4608points) July 3rd, 2009

Does anyone here have experince in this? What do I look for, what do I avoid? We’re both generally healthy non-tobacco users. She’s on Birth Control but no meds other than that. Not planning on having kids for awhile.

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Private health care insurance can be expensive. If you are generally healthy and can’t get insurance through an employer, I would cover all the small stuff yourself and look for a policy that will cover major illness or injuries. My hubby and I have a $2400 per person deductible then the rest is covered. It all really depends on how much risk you can absorb before you are devastated by the financial burden.
Why can’t the richest country in the world see health care as a basic human right?

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Check they got Health Insurance packets all in variety of options and prices.

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I dont see health insurance anywhere on the progressive site- link me?

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Is there some reason you can’t get it through one of your employers? That is most certainly going to be cheaper than any other option.

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She works at red robin and the cheapest family plan is around $200, I work at a small company and we only can get Aflac. which isn’t exactly health insurance from what i understand…

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At your age, I agree with Judi. My one caveat would be if wither of you are into extreme sports or a lot of adventure and could be subject to ER visits.

In that case, you may want a lower deductible.

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Many health insurers now offer individual plans, which are usually targeted at young, healthy people. Generally, the premiums are cheaper and preventive coverage is emphasized. You can start by visiting the Web sites of the national and local insurers in your area or by talking to a broker to see what plans are available and best suited for you two.

Health insurance companies are regulated by your state’s Department of Insurance (or something similar), so that might be another starting point.

You can also check out the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) which independently rates health plans for quality…

Here’s an example of individual plan info…

I should add that most of these types of plans have a laundry list of exclusions, including exclusions for people who are overweight, but it sounds like you don’t have to worry about that.

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Try for comparisons of coverages & companies in your area.

For people your age and circumstance I would look for catestrophic coverage—something that would cover you in the event of emergency or accident/serious illness. You can get birth control from Planned Parenthood or other similar organization for low to no cost. So, you need to look for something with a higher deductible ($2500 or $5000) that will limit your overall liability in the event of something serious happening.

What this means is, if you become sick and are hospitalized you would have to pay the first $2500 or $5000 of the bill, then a percentage (20–30% typically) of whatever remains.

$200/month for the both of you may not be a bad investment if the deductilbe is low, copays or co-insurance are low and you have access to a variety of health care providers in the area. Typically, you can get an individual coverage with higher deductible in the $60+ a month range. For two peole, $120 or $150 is not that far off what the employer is offering.

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(I hate to tell you, but $200.00 is CHEAP!)

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