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Where is the best place to get a good deal on mattresses?

Asked by Wander (44points) July 3rd, 2009
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Probably a place that is local, since they can be expensive to ship. But I would really find a local place that has them so you can check them out first.

I don’t know much about buying them in Argentina. So maybe I am off. Or it would be helpful if you said where you are.

wildpotato's avatar It is possible to get wonderful, pristine mattresses on craigslist. Bedbugs are fairly easy to recognize; look for little black spots (blood) around the corners of the mattress. Stains can be a less obvious thing, but you can kind of tell by the people you’re getting the mattress from if it’s likely to have been well taken care of. I sleep on a new-condition king-size Thompsonville mattress I got for free on craigslist, and it has been the best sleep of my life.

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We discovered that Deseret Industries sells fully refurbished mattresses for a very low price. Look for a similar deal at the charity thrift stores in your area. I’m talking under $200.

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I’m in NJ. Didn’t think about craigslist and thanks for the info on bedbugs, I would have no idea what to look for.

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If you are close to Philly or NYC, look on those craigslists. I got my bed from people living on the Upper East Side – that’s what I mean about being pretty sure it was well taken care of. People here move a lot, and have to give away perfectly good mattresses. If they are selling it at a low price, that is usually a good sign because they are trying to cut out responses from flaky weirdos – the one I got was listed for $20, and then she said not to worry about it when I picked it up. Other things I got for free from craigslist in NYC: full-size portable dishwasher, awesome standing lamps, air conditioners galore, exercise bike (ellipticals are common), giant banana tree, art…

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